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Why Zainab Abbas Left India During the World Cup

During the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023, Zainab Abbas, a Pakistani sports presenter, explained why she left India.

She left when an Indian attorney, Vineet Jindal, submitted a legal complaint alleging that she had previously made “anti-Hindu” remarks on social media.

Zainab said in a statement on ‘X’ that she was neither deported nor made to leave. She indicated that although there was no immediate danger to her safety, she nevertheless needed some distance and time for thinking because her family and friends on both sides of the border were worried.

She expressed her great regret for the damage her prior social media statements had caused and admitted that they did not reflect her current beliefs or who she is as a person.

Zainab expressed her profound regret for any offense caused by such posts, emphasizing that there is neither justification nor room for such language.

She ended by thanking everyone who has shown support and shown compassion during this trying period.

PIC.TWITTER.COM/GWWPDIRH2U— zainab abbas (@ZAbbasOfficial) October 12, 2023

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