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Opening Up About His Recent Conversation With Babar Azam

Just days before the pivotal 2023 World Cup encounter against archrivals India on October 14 in Ahmedabad, former Pakistan cricket captain Shahid Afridi revealed the facts of his conversation with current team captain Babar Azam in an interview with a local media outlet.

Afridi extended support and expressed his gratitude to Azam for the team’s recent triumph. He stressed the value of Azam’s self-assurance and referred to him as a “big match player,” demonstrating his trust in Azam’s capacity to succeed in upcoming matches.

Although the seasoned all-rounder recognized that Azam had recently suffered a setback, he remained upbeat about his prospects. Afridi claims that Azam gave a positive response and stated a desire to succeed. Afridi thinks that Azam has the ability to score a century in crucial matches despite the recent setback.

It’s important to note that Pakistan’s side, frequently referred to as the “Men in Green,” got off to a strong start in their 2023 World Cup campaign by winning their first two games against the Netherlands and Sri Lanka.

Shahid Afridi’s words of support and encouragement for Babar Azam are sure to be felt by cricket fans and supporters of the Pakistani team as they eagerly anticipate the crucial match against India. A connection between generations of Pakistani cricketers and a similar desire for success on the international arena can be seen in the dialogue between these two cricketing legends.

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