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2024’s Top 8 Free Bootstrap Blog Templates

Top Bootstrap Templates for Blogs

In just a few minutes, you can make a stunning website for bloggers with the aid of these bootstrap blog templates. This collection of blog templates includes both premium and free versions to provide you with a variety of choices.

Magdesign (Bootstrap 5 Blog Template)

The most useful feature in a Bootstrap 5 blog template is that it can now support responsive fonts. Variable fonts are a recent trend in web development that are used extensively for cleaner coding and a better user experience. The developers of Magdesign have used a simple and flexible code structure, so you can try any new modern design and development tricks on this template without any issues. This is an ultra-clean blog template with a minimal look. If you want a blog template that will last into the future, this one is a great option.


It seems sense that this free bootstrap blog template is intended for blogs about food. This template’s author skillfully combined text and visuals to provide a flawless reading experience. On the single post page, you get special details like the cooking and preparation time as well as the ingredients table. This HTML5 blog template is capable of handling audio and video content straight out of the box. Check out our collection of creative and user-friendly HTML music player designs if you intend to include audio content on your food blog.


The template for content is a sleek, well-designed bootstrap blog template. Because it is an HTML blog template that is responsive, the layout cleverly changes to fit the screen size. The audience is shown content, banners, and forms in an organized manner by using the full-width layout. To increase the likelihood of gathering fresh emails, the desktop version of the subscription form widget has been made sticky up to a specific area. The website has a lot more basic but helpful features, which makes it one of the top Bootstrap 4 blog templates on this list.

Technews (Free)

A great free bootstrap blog template for review sites and highly active websites is Technews. This template is ideal for you if you publish fresh content every hour and have a large content crew. This clean, uncomplicated website template displays text and photos simply without the use of movement. Because the Technews website template makes use of the most recent versions of HTML5, CSS3, and the Bootstrap framework, it may be customized to produce an interactive visual impact.

You get a longer homepage with this template, so feel free to include as much stuff as you like. To display more photos and information clearly, there are a lot of white spaces employed. The white space will counterbalance the well-organized design of this template, regardless of how packed the segment is.

Sports (Free)

This is a free sports blog website template, as the name suggests. Since Sports is a magazine/blog template, it can manage any kind of content you provide. For instance, it can effortlessly handle both standard text content and multimedia stuff right out of the box. The content block stands out from the background of ash color thanks to white blocks. The categories are arranged under several homepage sections and are tagged with distinct colors.

Additionally, there is room to place advertising banners in all of the desired sizes. Therefore, you don’t have to bother about creating room for picture banners. This template also includes carousels, image sliders, and attractive animation effects for web elements. Your sports blog will look better for readers if you choose free bootstrap blog templates like this one.


The Andrea bootstrap blog template will assist you in creating an engaging personal website.

This template’s default design prominently displays the blog author on the homepage. For instance, on every page, your name and an email subscription form are displayed in the sticky left navigation bar. If you want to strengthen your personal branding through your blog, this might be a wise decision. The left widget area and the right sticky navigation bar make the main blog area smaller. However, the bold text presents the information to the viewer in an organized manner, so you don’t have to worry about the readability of this template.


Stories is a well crafted responsive blog template that enhances your branding while presenting your material in an organized manner. You can add your bio widget to the homepage in the large space that sits between the posts. This template will serve as a catalyst to broaden your blog’s audience if it is already starting to take off. You can tell that this template is intended for food blogs just by looking at the sample. The reader will enjoy their time on your blog because the words are well-written and appealing. There is enough room provided for the image contents, so you may provide the audience a clear explanation of your recipes.


One of the greatest free bootstrap blog themes available for lifestyle writers is called Lifeleck. All the fundamental components you would want in a blog template are included in this one. You may share blog information with your readers in an exciting way by using dynamic image sliders and large picture sections. There is space in the sidebar, just below the homepage header section, for an email newsletter signup form. This free template has a quality feel to it thanks to its consistent design and usage of light and muted color palettes throughout. Thus you can focus on creating the unique components and pages for your blog.

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