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Ten AI Tools You’ve Probably Never Heard Of for Self-Improvement

You can benefit from AI tools beyond what you could have predicted.

However, just a small percentage of the more than 5000 AI programs available online are designed for genuine self-improvement.

These ten tools are among those.

Keep this page handy for future use.

  1. Gym Genie

Customized diet plans and exercise regimens powered by AI for you. More than 3,000,000 exercise regimens have been created thus far with this tool.


Meal and Exercise Plans
Pricing for Macro Trackers: Both free and premium plans


2. TutorAI

You can build courses on anything at any moment with the aid of this AI technology.


3. CareerDekho AI

An AI-driven tool for career advice and guidance.

Occupational pathways on:

Data scientist, digital marketer, graphic designer
Analyst for Business and beyond


4. Zeus

AI-powered interval-timing MMA training.


Utilize your personal AI trainer to train.
Take charge of your fitness journey.
Games to hone your boxing abilities are included

Cost: Both free and paid programs


5. Langotalk

AI makes learning and speaking a language much faster.


Engage in enjoyable discussions on the topics that are important to you. Receive grammar correction advice from the AI.

Cost: Both free and paid programs


6. NetworkAI

Use AI to establish a connection with business experts.

How to Apply:

Include your details
Give AI a chance to work.
Get networking!

Cost: Both free and paid programs


7. Mindgrasp

Use AI to learn at a faster pace.


Astute observations
Responding to inquiries
Internet exploration
Condensation Tests
Cards on Flash

Cost: Only paid plans available


8. Huberman AI

Time-stamped YouTube videos and responses to inquiries about science and health.

Trending subjects:

  1. Alchohol
  2. Cold exposure
  3. Psychedelics
  4. Depression
  5. Supplements
  6. Exercise
  7. Sleep
  8. Nutrition
  9. Breathing
  10. Meditation
  11. Stress
  12. Memory
  13. Hypertrophy
  14. Dopamine
  15. ADHD
  16. Caffeine

Pricing: FREE


9. Eightify

A tool to make YouTube videos more efficient for learning.


TLDR Synopses
Important observations
More than 40 languages
Time-stamped Decompositions
Shareable Synopses

Cost: Both free and paid programs


10. InterviewAI

Interviewers and candidates can conduct interviews and rehearse with ease thanks to its robust features.


AI-generated questions in real time
Question Bank: Interview Administration and Additional


We really hope this was useful to you.

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