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Top Android AI Apps for 2023

Due to the growing popularity of artificial intelligence, Android users around the world have become more and more interested in AI applications. Numerous technology companies have released new AI tools to improve efficiency and allow users to accomplish more in less time in response to the growing demand for features powered by AI.

Online resources for AI tools and services are currently in plenty, including Android apps with AI-powered capabilities.

There are hundreds of AI-powered Android apps available in the Google Play Store. Although many of these apps are free to download, you might be prompted to register. The top ten Android AI apps are listed below.

1. ChatGPT

An AI chatbot called ChatGPT was created by the OpenAI team and is now freely downloadable from the Google Play Store.

This service can fulfill your demands, make ideas that are tailored to you, spark your creativity, and offer a variety of other conveniences.

If you purchased ChatGPT’s plus version, you can log in with the same account to this app and access GPT-4’s mobile power.

This ChatGPT mobile app from OpenAI is an official one, thus it syncs your history across devices and offers the most recent model upgrades.

2. Perplexity AI

Another alternative to ChatGPT that offers comparable functionality but is stronger and more dependable is Perplexity AI.

Its dependability stems from the fact that it uses the internet to find sources for the data it delivers in its responses. Additional helpful features are also available, including chat history storing and voice support.

3. Bing AI

With the help of the new Bing app from Microsoft, you may chat for free with an AI chatbot that is powered by OpenAI’s GPT-4.

You can use the features of Bing AI chat if you have a Microsoft account.

Bing AI provides a lot of benefits as well; a Bing Image Creator can produce images from your text inputs, display visuals in the responses, and do much more.

The new Bing chat is helpful, but it has a serious flaw: It moves at a snail’s pace. The AI chatbot can occasionally take up to a minute to respond.

4. ChatOn

Another AI chatbot, ChatOn, will respond to your questions by using OpenAI’s GPT model. ChatOn doesn’t require you to register in order to use it, in contrast to ChatGPT.

You can ask ChatOn to look up crucial information, fix typos in your writing, proofread your material, etc.

ChatOn’s OCR capability is the single distinction that provides it a slight advantage over ChatGPT. The AI chatbot can extract words from any image you provide it using optical character recognition technology.

5. Socratic by Google

Socratic is an Android app developed by Google with the intention of helping students complete their homework.

To receive immediate, detailed answers to their homework questions, students can photograph the queries. The Socratic by Google AI features also aid in dispelling confusion and deciphering challenging inquiries.

6. Replika

Replika is a chatbot companion powered by AI that enables you to construct a 3D avatar that it refers to as Replika. Your Replika can be talked to and interacted with just like a buddy. It grows in personality and memory alongside you as you converse more.

On this app, you can build your own Replika (AI companion) and teach it things about the world and yourself. The AI companion’s personality will develop over time, and it will get better at talking with you.

It’s a great tool for talking about your emotions or anything else on your mind.

7. Lensa AI

On your Android device, the Lensa AI application uses artificial intelligence to edit your photos in multiple ways.

This program allows you to create a cartoon version of yourself from a photo. AI can also be used to improve the appearance of your images, remove unwanted elements, and alter the colors.

8. WOMBO Dream

A gorgeous piece of digital art is created from your words with this AI art generator software for Android. With the aid of an AI, it performs a wide range of inventive tasks.

Simply type a prompt, select an art style, and then watch as the program produces stunning digital artwork for you.

9. Speakify AI

The Speakify AI software for Android is focused on helping users learn new languages. It performs the same functions as an intelligent language teacher and is accessible from your mobile device.

10. Youper

CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) approaches are used in the Youper app for Android to support mental wellness.

Using these techniques, the application can successfully lower stress, anxiety, and other related health issues.

The most beneficial CBT activities are developed with the aid of AI, which can help us better understand your mental health.

These are the top AI apps for Android, so if you’re a fan, give them a try. The majority of the apps on the list may be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store. Which Android AI app is your favorite? Let us know.

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