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I’m Changing the Way I Interact with the Real World Thanks to ChatGPT Vision

Every day, I use the system, but not in the way I had anticipated.

A brand-new OpenAI system called ChatGPT Vision (also known as GPT4-V) began to be released last week. ChatGPT can now process photos in addition to text thanks to GPT4-V.

People have already performed various ChatGPT Vision demos that are really cool. The majority of these use cases, though, aren’t precisely applicable, let’s be honest.

Yes, ChatGPT Vision can convert a pencil sketch into a functional website or your haphazard whiteboard notes into Python code. But how frequently are you really going to carry out those actions?

Contrarily, ChatGPT Vision is capable of a wide range of actually useful tasks. I’ve discovered a few things the system can do that are really beneficial in real life after using it practically nonstop for a week while I’ve been living with it.

Strangely, I’ve discovered that ChatGPT Vision is already changing the way I interact with the outside world, but not in the manner I anticipated.

Checking Your Kid’s Homework

This terrifying moment is one that every parent has experienced. Now that your child has finished their homework, it’s your job to look through it.

You carefully take the worksheet and hope that you can remember whatever really precise subject they are now studying, or even that it is still taught the same way as when you were a child!

I do work as a writer professionally. On my first-grade son’s phonics worksheet, however, do I feel certain that I can accurately separate all of the long vowel sounds from short vowel sounds? Definitely not!

In this situation, ChatGPT Vision is a lifesaver. I review my son’s homework once he completes it. However, in order to avoid making a mistake, I also take a picture, send it to ChatGPT Vision, and request that it review it.

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