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PCB Chief suggests BCCI award the Jinnah-Gandhi Trophy to resume bilateral series between Pakistan and India

A noteworthy effort to advance sports diplomacy and improve ties between the cricket boards of both countries is Zaka Ashraf’s suggestion to institute the Jinnah-Gandhi Trophy in order to restore bilateral cricket series between India and Pakistan. Cricket fans all over the world are drawn to the idea of an annual prize series comparable to the legendary Ashes between Australia and England.

However, given the ongoing political tensions between India and Pakistan, this idea will likely meet significant obstacles. Since 2013, bilateral series have become impossible due to the two countries’ deteriorating diplomatic relations. India’s unwillingness to visit Pakistan for the 2023 Asia Cup serves as a reminder of these difficulties.

Significant barriers include the BCCI’s worries about player safety and the Indian government’s reluctance to support cricket matches in Pakistan. The likelihood of regular bilateral series in the near future is called into question by these political and security issues.

However, the impending India vs. Pakistan ICC World Cup 2023 game in Ahmedabad continues to be a highly anticipated cricketing event that cuts beyond political lines. While difficulties remain in restarting regular series, such high-profile matches give reason for optimism that cricket can continue to function as a venue for interpersonal interactions and sporadic diplomatic successes in an otherwise contentious relationship.

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