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Here is the value of the ICC World Cup trophy.

The trophy is much more than just a piece of furniture; it is a compelling representation of honor, distinction, and the highest level of sporting performance. Trophy is more than simply a prize; it’s an emblem of athletic greatness, reflecting the spirit of commitment and determination that characterizes the sporting world. It weighs a hefty 11 kilos and is a towering 60 centimeters tall.

This masterpiece required an enormous amount of skill and a considerable financial expenditure of $30,000. This trophy, which was made from a mixture of silver and gold, emanates grandeur and beauty. A golden globe, which most often denotes an international sporting competition, indicates an event’s global reach at its pinnacle.

Three silver columns look to resemble wickets and bails beneath the globe, in keeping with the concept of cricket.

The trophy’s historical record-keeping is one of its distinguishing characteristics. On the lower part of the trophy, the names of the teams that have won the competition over the years are engraved.

It’s interesting to note that the champion team does not receive the original trophy. Instead, they are given an exact duplicate of the trophy as their prize. The International Cricket Council (ICC) headquarters in Dubai is where the genuine trophy is kept.

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