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On Saudi Arabia’s National Day, Cristiana Ronaldo wears a sword and traditional clothing.

Cristiano Ronaldo and his Al-Nassr colleagues adopted Saudi culture to commemorate Saudi Arabia’s 93rd National Day. They featured in a film to recognize Saudi National Day, which is observed on September 23rd, while dressed in traditional Arab garb, including the recognizable sword.

They attracted admirers with their outstanding appearance in their traditional Saudi garb of the exquisite black bisht and white thobe, clutching symbolic swords.

Other Al-Nassr athletes wearing traditional Saudi attire were Sadio Mane, Marcelo Brozovic, Otavio, Talisca, and Alex Telles in the film.

In addition to improving the team’s performance, Ronaldo’s presence in Al-Nassr has inspired other famous players to travel to the region.

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