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I discovered the best AI-based revenue stream.

It’s So Simple Yet So Powerful.

Today, I want to demonstrate to you what is possible and real when AI is used properly.

Let me be very clear: there are innumerable methods to generate money in the AI field.

However, discussing AI itself is the best method to get popularity with it.

Please bear with me for a moment even though I know it sounds ridiculous.

AI has always been a huge concern, but recently it has intensified. When ChatGpt was first released, the internet was in a frenzy.

Seven months later, there are no indicators that the trend will slow down.

Google Trends of AI

You know, when there is a gold rush, those who sell the shovels and equipment make the most money, not the gold diggers.

The same is true with this AI Goldrush.

The ones who instruct and discuss AI are the ones who profit the most from it.

Now that you understand the concept, let me explain how I want to make this side business in AI lucrative.

Step 1: Get as much knowledge about AI as you can

The knowledge of AI can be found nearby. It may be found anywhere, including on your favorite social media networks, Medium, and YouTube.

You may accelerate the rate at which your AI knowledge base grows by ten times by subscribing to well-known AI influencers’ and newsletters’ feeds.

The following are some of the top AI knowledge bases to follow:
YouTube’s The Ai Advantage
YouTube user Adrian Twarog

Step 2: Determine how you’ll use your AI expertise to earn money.

I kid you not when I say, AI opened doors to whole new opportunities to make money and I’m so eager just talking about it.

And the best part is you don’t even need to build a following on social Media to make this work.

Create and Sell AI Related ebooks on Amazon KDP.

I’m not referring about the distribution of AI-generated activity and coloring books.

No, I’m concentrating on the good ol’ information-packed ebooks here.

People frequently turn to books as one of their primary sources of information when they need to learn something new as quickly as possible.

The biggest eBook marketplace worldwide is Amazon KDP.

To give you an idea, over 2.5 billion people visit Amazon each month.

Given the buzz around AI, I am confident that thousands of people will start looking to Amazon for books on various applications of AI.

Several books have previously been written on this subject, and during my initial search, I came across one called ChatGPT for Authors.

32 people have already reviewed it, and it costs $12.99.

On average, this one book has brought its owner success.

You can create a comparable item for

property owners
proprietors of small businesses
Artists on YouTube
The list is endless.

A short check on Amazon reveals that books with a ChatGPT topic are very popular there.

This proves how successful this concept is.

The best part is that AI technologies like CHATGPT can build the ebook for you; you don’t even need to perform any of the work yourself.

There is a caveat, though. AI is not a magic wand that can grant you three wishes.

The quality of the prompts you supply ChatGpt will have a significant impact on the quality of the content you receive.

This is an illustration of the phrase “garbage in, garbage out.”

So before you even think of writing a complete book with AI, take some time to grasp how prompt writing functions and make sure you master that talent.

Create and Sell a Course on Skillshare and Udemy.com

It’s funny how few individuals acknowledge the possibility for financial gain associated with offering courses on marketplaces.

I hope this is the main lesson you learn from this narrative.

Providing value to a group of people is the only way to earn money online.

The method you use to locate these people makes a difference.

You could develop a following.
You could run ads, but starting with marketplaces is the simplest option.
These marketplaces have already done the legwork for you by creating an audience of prospective customers who are looking for products similar to what you have to offer.

Therefore, I wholeheartedly advise beginning with Marketplaces if you’re wanting to make your first dollar online.

Having said that, Udemy was one of the first online stores I used for sales, and I adored the entire site.

Here is a screenshot of a payment from Udemy that I received.

Udemy gets over 113.1 Million visitors per month.

These are all active learners looking for various online courses to expand their knowledge.

Why is this Different from What You See in the Traditional Courses?

Courses have been criticized quite a bit over the years.

And anyone who is bold enough to market their own course is frequently referred to as a “GURU.”

But let’s not linger on the reasons why it may be outdated thinking because that is an other topic.

On Udemy, selling courses is very different.

The community on Udemy is totally accepting of the concept of getting paid to share your skills, and the courses are extremely reasonably priced.
Therefore, selling on Udemy and skillshare is far more beginning friendly than traditional course selling because you don’t even have to market the courses yourself.

I now know what’s now going through your mind.

But I lack a sophisticated filming setup.
I don’t have a mic that is really clear.
I’m not certified to instruct people in using AI.

Photo by Nubelson Fernandes on Unsplash

Here are the solutions you require:

No fancy equipment is required; a simple webcam or screen recording phone app would perform just enough.
These days, iPhone airpods are really clear and can assist you in creating high-quality sound.
To educate online, you don’t need to be an expert; all you need to do is stay one step ahead of the audience, and that is more than acceptable.
It costs nothing to sign up for Udemy or Skillshare, and no special permission is required.

Many people who sell courses do so to support their way of life, and you can too.

I want you to know one thing, though: You can definitely accomplish this.

And who knows, you might succeed if you give it a try.

So stop overanalyzing and start imparting your expertise to others. (Of course, once you’ve gotten the hang of AI!)

Thank You

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