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Baber Azam is included in the Australians’ ODI World XI.

Leading Australian cricketers have lavished praise on Pakistan’s captain, Babar Azam, emphasising his extraordinary skills as a player and hailing him as a phenomenon. Azam was unanimously chosen for the Australian One Day International (ODI) World XI due to his excellent abilities, versatility, and unrelenting resolve. These qualities have not only gained him respect but have also helped him succeed.

Famous Australian fast bowler Josh Hazlewood praised Azam’s tremendous talent and his capacity to triumph even under extreme duress. He compared Azam to Virat Kohli, a great Indian batter, pointing out that Azam may take over Kohli’s place in cricket history.

He’s [Babar] perhaps a little younger than other guys, but he’s catching up to Virat very quickly, according to Hazlewood. He’s a few runs behind, but again, his statistics are incredible,” he said, recognizing how much their cricketing prowess resemble each other.

Usman Khawaja, a well-known top-order batsman from Australia, emphasized Azam’s adaptability and prowess in both offensive and defensive situations. He lauded Azam’s intrinsic talent, calling him a beautiful ballplayer with lightning-quick hands who can easily locate openings and score goals.

Usman Khawaja emphasized Azam’s versatility as a cricket player by highlighting his proficiency against spin bowling. He praised Azam’s batting abilities and viewed him as a high talent and important asset for Pakistan’s future in cricket.

Babar Azam’s status as a rising star in international cricket who has the ability to have a long-lasting influence on the sport globally is furthered by these honours from successful Australian cricketers.

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