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Government forbids betting businesses from supporting PSL teams

The Pakistani interim administration has acted forcefully to address worries about gambling, betting, and casino firms allegedly sponsoring clubs in the Pakistan Super League (PSL) and engaging in media advertising. This action is a part of a larger initiative to protect the integrity of sports and stop potentially damaging behaviors.

The Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP), state-owned media companies PTV and PBC, telecommunications authority (PTA), and sports organizations like the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) have all been urged in a statement by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting to cut ties with these “surrogate companies.” It is thought that these proxy corporations, which have names that have been significantly altered, are connected to larger gaming and betting companies.

The government’s worries about these arrangements go beyond their financial aspects. It causes concern about the possible hazards posed by these businesses, many of which have ties to adversarial nations. These dangers include eroding Pakistan’s moral standards, bringing corruption into sports, and making it easier for money to be moved illegally out of the nation.

The ministry also emphasized the prevalence of these surrogate betting companies’ marketing on Pakistani media outlets, which suggested a broad presence and impact. The government’s demand for a complete end to these proxy operations demonstrates its dedication to upholding the nation’s moral standards and integrity while defending the sports and media industries from improper foreign influence.

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