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‘Charsi Tikka’ Owner in Peshawar is Detained for Kissing a Foreign Traveler

Nisar Khan, the proprietor of the well-known Charsi Tikka restaurant in Peshawar, has been detained by the local police on suspicion of acting inappropriately toward his international clients.

Nisar Khan, also known as “Charsi,” was arrested after locals claimed they saw him kissing some of his clients on the street, including foreign tourists. Social media users started to take notice of the incident when pictures from it spread widely.

As a result, the Capital City Police Officer (CCPO) gave the order to take immediate legal action, and in Peshawar, a case was filed against the owner of Charsi Tikka under section 294 of the Pakistan Penal Code. He was accused of engaging in lewd behavior with foreign visitors who were staying at a nearby hotel.

Nisar has already come under fire for acting inappropriately around female travelers, particularly those from countries other than Pakistan. On social media, videos of him having unwanted physical contact with female tourists have prompted fury. Numerous users denounced his behavior and backed the police’s action. Some users claimed that these behaviors reflect poorly on Peshawar’s residents.

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