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TECNO and the LUMS Photography Society collaborated to organize a workshop on night photography.

In collaboration with PhotoLUMS, the photographic society, TECNO Pakistan, the top premium smartphone brand, held a session on night photography on September 14 at Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS). Adeel Chishti and Saboor Akram moderated a panel discussion at the workshop regarding the future of photography and the use of artificial intelligence in image processing. Adeel Chishti is a well-known name in street photography and portraiture, and his work has been included in several exhibitions and publications all over the world. Known for his AI-generated portraits of famous people and superheroes in the setting of Pakistani culture, Saboor Akram is one of the most influential figures in the rapidly developing field of artificial intelligence-generated art.

“Photography is evolving with the passage of time, and artificial intelligence is bringing this business further evolution and pushing the limits of what is possible. Instead of trying to replace the photographer, we should support their creativity and broaden the possibilities for visual storytelling. Saboor Akram says.

Experience zones were set up throughout the session to provide participants a chance to learn more about and get hands-on experience with the various Camon 20 series products. Additionally, there was an audience competition for night photography, with the prize being a TECNO Camon 20 phone. Over 200 pupils participated enthusiastically in the event.

Adeel Chishti expressed his joy at speaking to such a large group of young, aspirant people who are Pakistan’s future. “I am pleased to see your keen interest in this topic, and I’m hopeful that this zest will pave the way for a new generation of talented professionals who could potentially spark a significant transformation within the field of photography,” he said.

The night photography class gave students a worthwhile chance to learn about the most recent developments in camera technology and the radical changes that mobile phones have made to the field of photography in our nation. The program included an in-depth discussion about the future of photography in Pakistan and encouraged students to pursue photography both as a hobby and a job.

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