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The Path to an Empowered, Productive Youth: UMT Scholarships

Numerous Pakistani adolescents who want to pursue successful careers have always yearned for access to high-quality higher education. It is common knowledge that having access to a high-quality education is not just a privilege but also the basis for advancement. Higher education makes for a brighter future because it helps people reach their full potential and make valuable contributions to society.

University education, however, remains a distant dream for many Pakistanis despite its virtues and the enormous progress Pakistan has made in the higher education sector over the past 20 years. The rising cost of living over the past few years has made it challenging for Pakistani homes to cover even the most basic expenses, let alone find a way to organize the money needed to send a child to college.

A student in Pakistan attending a private university could expect to spend anywhere between Rs 150,000 and Rs 200,000 annually, which is a sum that is very difficult for most Pakistani households to afford, especially given the recent spike in the country’s inflation rate.

Giving up on dreams

Due to the lack of open positions at state-run colleges and the rising cost of living, many academically gifted Pakistani youth have been forced to give up on their goals of attending college and instead hunt for ways to support their families. While some are looking for odd jobs to support themselves and their family, others are venturing into the realm of freelancing.

While this demonstrates the grit and perseverance of our young and their capacity to overcome obstacles, it also shows that many of them fail to reach their full potential owing to a lack of resources.

Opportunity for all

Initiatives that enable young people to pursue their educational goals must therefore be praised and supported. The University of Management and Technology is one such institution that is assisting young people from all over Pakistan continue their higher education journey through some of the best scholarship opportunities in Lahore. The University of Management and Technology was recently ranked as No. 1 Private Sector University of Pakistan by the Times Higher Education Rankings 2023.

The best rewards for UMT’s BS programs are divided into a number of categories and range from partially financed to completely funded awards. For instance, individuals who earned between 85% and 94.99% of the possible points in their intermediate exams are eligible for scholarships worth between 70% and 80%. This implies that candidates with academic aptitude will only need to pay between 30% and 20% of the actual costs associated with the degree of their choosing. All position holders who want to enroll at UMT are also given a 100% fee waiver.

The need-based financial aid program is another one of UMT’s autumn programs that aids BS/MS students in realizing their desire of attending college. Deserving candidates are given the need-based scholarship after the financial information has been carefully examined. When the student finishes their degree, they can return the scholarship as a Qarz-Hasna in convenient payments over three to five years.

Additionally, students who want to attend UMT can apply for a variety of other scholarships, including the Khuram Murad Scholarship, the Justice AR Cornelius Scholarship, the Alumni Scholarship, the Remote Area Scholarship, the Sports and Extracurricular Scholarship, the Scholarship for Orphans, and many more. UMT encourages professionals to pursue higher education as well. The best scholarships offered by any institution in Lahore are those offered by this university’s unique MS/MPhil scholarships, such as experience-based scholarships and business group discounts.

Over the past 30 years, UMT has given out scholarships totaling more than Rs 9 billion to more than 25,000 students. It is commendable that efforts are still being made to give Pakistani youngsters access to high-quality education; such efforts are urgently needed for today’s troubled youth.

In order for every child in Pakistan to have access to high-quality higher education, regardless of their socioeconomic situation or ability to pay for a degree, we as a society must expect equal efforts from other private institutions.

We won’t be able to develop a trained people resource that can change this nation’s fortunes unless we spend heavily in our kids.

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