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WordPress 6.4 Is Using A Well-Known Page Builder To Collapse Websites

The WordPress 6.4 update is crashing websites. As of right now, only one page builder can be used while installing legacy default themes.

Numerous publishers and developers have reported that their websites went down after switching to WordPress 6.4 due to a fatal mistake. After a few hours of searching for answers, engineers found a flaw in the page builder that they were all using.

Websites Collapsing Following 6.4 Update

Shortly after the release of WordPress 6.4, codenamed Shirley, there was one of the first reports.

Members of the private Dynamic WordPress Facebook group were notified through a post that their WordPress website had crashed following an update.

The Oxygen page builder was installed on every crashed site, which was one of the first indicators that something was wrong.

However, there were other things that Oxygen page builders’ customers had in common.

WordPress developer and SEO specialist Brenda Malone (LinkedIn profile) revealed that Oxygen-based websites would collapse regardless of whether legacy versions of the default theme were installed.

Themes with names like Twenty Twenty One and Twenty Twenty Two are the default themes.

The site crashed even though the previous legacy default themes had been disabled because of their presence during the installation of the Oxygen page builder.

Brenda Malone informed me of her observation:

“It seems that installing Oxygen is the only way it occurs.”

The individual who initiated the conversation in the private group stated that the website was restored after he removed all previous iterations of the default theme.

Unusual, huh?

The official Oxygen page builder User Group suggested installing a copy of the most recent default theme, Twenty Twenty Four, after activating recovery mode and erasing all previous legacy themes.

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