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Google Expands Its Content in the Carousel of Top Stories

Multiple links have been observed to be served by Google within the top stories carousel in search results.

Top stories on Google Multiple results for the same story may appear in a carousel inside search results, with an additional link added for context.

Pletzer confirmed that the extra “for context” link leads to the same location, giving publishers the opportunity to take up two spots in the same top stories carousel result.

It may be possible to keep older stories interesting for longer with this modification to search results.

Articles that could have otherwise been excluded from the carousel of the top stories could now show up as extra “for context” links.

This serves as a kind of incentive for publishers who cover a specific story in-depth and tell their readers of any new developments.

This has the advantage of saving consumers from having to perform numerous searches and giving them a broad comprehension of news stories.

Google Confirms This is a New Feature:

Based on the information provided by a spokesperson, it appears that publishers do not have a specific way to trigger the addition of additional “for context” links in the top stories carousel. Personally, I have not been able to replicate this feature regardless of the types of news stories I search for, but it is real and here to stay. The Verge received confirmation from Google regarding the launch of this feature.

Naturally, adding internal connections to similar stories will aid in informing Google about the existence of background content.

Google will next decide whether to add the background information as a second link for context or not.

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