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The Top 10 Mailchimp Plugins for WordPress in 2023

Are you looking for the best plugins to integrate Mailchimp with your WordPress website?

One well-known email marketing tool is Mailchimp, which also allows you to send automated messages and build email campaigns. You can maximize the functionality of the service, expand your email list, and automate processes with the correct plugin.

We’ll walk you through the top WordPress Mailchimp plugins for your company in this post.

Why Use Mailchimp Plugins for WordPress?

Should you be a novice in email marketing, you have probably encountered Mailchimp. Among the top email marketing services available is this one. The best part is that you can send up to 1,000 emails per month and start using it for free.

You can easily create campaigns, set up emails, and manage your subscribers with Mailchimp. It also works with other WordPress plugins and tools from third parties.

To expand your email list, for example, you can use it in conjunction with lead generation software. Alternatively, you can integrate it with a WordPress plugin for contact forms and use Mailchimp to automatically gather email addresses.

With the appropriate plugin, you can even use Mailchimp to set up automation. For instance, use Mailchimp to automatically send an email whenever a new blog post is published. Your audience will be informed of new content, news, announcements, and sales right away in this way.

Having said that, let’s examine some of the top Mailchimp plugins for businesses.

1. WPForms

With its robust drag-and-drop form builder, WPForms is the best WordPress form builder plugin for WordPress, making it simple to create Mailchimp signup forms.

You can make a newsletter signup form with its Mailchimp addon and choose which Mailchimp audience or group the subscribers should be added to. This makes adding form entries to your email list and saving them very simple.

In addition, you have the ability to record events, archive, unsubscribe, and delete them. You can identify your high-value clients by designating certain subscribers as VIPs with the Mailchimp addon.

You can assign Mailchimp tags to subscribers in segments by integrating Mailchimp with WPForms. Or save more subscriber data in their Mailchimp profiles by utilizing WPForms smart tags.


Plugin for beginners featuring a drag-and-drop builder
countless pre-made form templates
Astute conditional reasoning
Integrates with Mailchimp with ease
Integrated spam defense
Workflows that are automated


provides a Lite version with fewer features that is free to download.
Only Constant Contact is integrated with Mailchimp in the Lite version.

Why Use This Plugin: WPForms is the best plugin if you want to create various WordPress forms and gather subscriber contact information in Mailchimp.

Cost: The annual pricing plans for WPForms begin at $49.50. To use the Mailchimp addon, though, you’ll need to subscribe to the Plus plan, which costs $99.50 annually. You can also utilize the free WPForms Lite version.

2. Uncanny Automator

The greatest WordPress automation plugin is called Uncanny Automator. Consider it similar to Zapier but for WordPress. You can create various recipes for Mailchimp and automate workflows using Uncanny Automator.

To create an automated recipe, you have access to hundreds of actions and triggers. Interoperability between two or more WordPress plugins is facilitated.

Let’s take an example where a user cancels their MemberPress membership. Subsequently, they are automatically removed from the Mailchimp audience. In a similar vein, a user’s Mailchimp profile automatically gains a tag upon completion of an online course offered by LifterLMS.

Uncanny Automator integrates with more than 130 different plugins and social media apps in addition to Mailchimp. Its recipe builder is also very easy to use, and setting up automation doesn’t require editing code.


Simple-to-use recipe creator
accommodates more than 130 integrations, Mailchimp among them
Select from more than 300 actions and over 500 triggers.
Workflows can be automated without touching code.


For new businesses or those operating on a limited budget, the premium version may be a bit pricey.

Why Use This Plugin: Uncanny Automator is the ideal solution for you if you’re looking for a way to automate workflows between Mailchimp and other plugins on your WordPress website.

Pricing: The annual cost of an Uncanny Automator starts at $149.

3. WP WooCommerce Mailchimp

A free WordPress Mailchimp plugin is called WP WooCommerce Mailchimp. It facilitates the automatic addition of clients to your email list.

Which Mailchimp list the subscribers should be added to is up to you to decide. You can select when to gather client email addresses using the plugin. For example, you can get data when a client places an order, when the order is being processed, or when the order is finished.

The plugin also gives users the ability to change the text in the opt-in field, request consent from clients to join the email list, and more.


Easy-to-use and free plugin
Using Mailchimp, automatically add clients to your email list
Include interest groups to further divide your clientele.
Various opt-in configurations


restricted possibilities for opt-in customization

Why Use This Plugin: The WP WooCommerce Mailchimp plugin is a great way to automatically add customers to specific email lists if you have a WooCommerce store. In this manner, you can craft unique email campaigns and deliver tailored messages to every consumer segment.

Cost: The WordPress plugin WP WooCommerce Mailchimp is free.

4. OptinMonster

The greatest software for lead generation and conversion optimization is OptinMonster. It increases conversions, expands your email list, and generates more leads.

With OptinMonster’s simple integration, you can collect email addresses in your Mailchimp account by running various campaigns.

You can create any kind of campaign with OptinMonster, including full-screen welcome mats, floating bars, and simple popups. There are numerous pre-made campaign templates available. Then, you can quickly and simply customize your campaigns with its drag-and-drop campaign builder.

Furthermore, it provides strong display rules that enable you to show customized messages according to user activity. Check out our comprehensive guide on using WordPress and Mailchimp to learn more.

For example, you can use an exit-intent popup to display a campaign to a user who is about to leave your website. Additionally, display ads may be based on how long a user stays on a page, visits a particular page, and other factors.


Campaign builder that you can drag and drop
Campaign templates that are already constructed and customizable
Strong display rules for campaigns to appear
Easy integration with other email marketing services, such as Mailchimp
Popups that are responsive to mobile devices


There are fewer features in the free version.

Why Use This Plugin: Mailchimp and OptinMonster work incredibly well together on your website. It’s ideal for anyone looking to use OptinMonster to create eye-catching, non-intrusive popup campaigns and gather email addresses in Mailchimp.

Pricing: The monthly (yearly) starting price for OptinMonster pricing plans is $9.

5. MC4WP: Mailchimp for WordPress

With the help of the free plugin MC4WP: Mailchimp for WordPress, you can include signup forms on your WordPress website. Email addresses from the sign-up form are collected, and it integrates with Mailchimp with ease.

The plugin is basic and user-friendly. Even more form builders and plugins, like WooCommerce, WPForms, AffiliateWP, and others, are integrated with it.

Although the plugin is free to use, it lacks the form templates and customization options found in other form plugins, such as WPForms. There’s limited customization options and a small selection of form fields.


straightforward and simple to use
Integrates with Mailchimp with ease
No cost to use
Additionally, it works with other form plugins.


Few possibilities for customization
Absence of form templates

Why Use This Plugin: If you’re looking for a free WordPress plugin that can be used to create simple sign-up forms and integrate with Mailchimp, this one is the best option.

Cost: MC4WP: The Mailchimp plugin for WordPress is available for free.

6. SeedProd

The greatest WordPress website builder is SeedProd, which enables you to make unique landing pages and themes without having to hire a developer or alter code.

Mailchimp and SeedProd can be integrated with ease. In this manner, you can use Mailchimp to gather email addresses and generate personalized landing pages with subscription forms.

In addition, you can activate double opt-in, choose which Mailchimp group or segment to add your subscribers to, and do a lot more.

A drag-and-drop theme builder, pre-built themes and landing page templates, a plethora of customization options, and more are among the additional features that SeedProd provides.


incredibly simple to use
Theme and landing page builder drag and drop
Integrates with Mailchimp with ease
Several options for customization


There aren’t many customization options in the free version.
Reasons to Utilize This Plugin: SeedProd is the ideal plugin if you’re searching for one that integrates easily with Mailchimp and allows you to design and create unique landing pages.

Pricing: To use the Mailchimp integration in SeedProd, you must have at least the Plus plan. You will pay $99.50 a year for this.

7. Another Mailchimp Widget

The next Mailchimp WordPress plugin on our list is called Another Mailchimp Widget. Using this plugin, you can add simple sign-up forms to your WordPress website.

You can use a widget or a shortcode to display the signup form. Additionally, the plugin displays various lists from your Mailchimp account. Selecting a group and list allows you to add new subscribers.

Having said that, there aren’t many options for customization or templates. All that the plugin does is allow you to change the labels for the first and last names and display success and failure messages. Additionally, there are only three fields on the form: email, last name, and first name.


Simple to use and lightweight plugin
Adding subscribers automatically to Mailchimp groups and lists
Shortcode the sign-up form to add it.
No cost to use


Few possibilities for customization
Not able to add more fields to the form
Reasons to Utilize This Plugin: For anyone searching for a free way to add straightforward Mailchimp signup forms, this plugin is the best choice. It is lightweight, and a shortcode allows you to add the form anywhere.

Pricing: There is no cost to use this additional Mailchimp widget.

8. Thrive Themes

With Thrive Themes, you can create WordPress websites with high conversion rates without having to touch the code. This full suite of plugins aids in the creation, conversion, sale, and engagement of your website.

Popular tools like Thrive Leads, Thrive Architect, Thrive Theme Builder, Thrive Quiz Builder, Thrive Ovation, and more are part of the Thrive Themes suite.

Thrive Theme and Mailchimp can be seamlessly integrated, allowing you to utilize the email marketing tool with a variety of suite tools.

For example, you can use Thrive Leads to collect email addresses after connecting Mailchimp’s API with Thrive Themes. Alternatively, you can create online courses with Thrive Apprentice and link it to Mailchimp for all of your email requirements.


provides nine effective tools for various uses.
Simple to assemble and operate
Mailchimp integrates with other tools with ease.
round-the-clock client assistance


Only WordPress can use the Thrive Theme Suite.
Reasons to Utilize This Plugin: For anyone wishing to integrate Mailchimp with their WordPress website and seek a comprehensive marketing toolkit, this plugin is fantastic. With the tools provided by Thrive Themes, you can build online courses, popups, quizzes, landing pages, and much more.

Pricing: The annual cost of the Thrive Themes suite is $299.

9. MemberPress

The greatest WordPress membership plugin for novice users is called MemberPress. It can be used to sell online courses, set up content dripping, make a membership website, and lock content according to user roles.

MemeberPress integrates with Mailchimp and other email marketing tools with ease. By doing this, you can segment your members according to their membership levels and add them to Mailchimp. After that, you can design customized email marketing for every category.

You can add more user data and send custom fields to Mailchimp with MemberPress. It will only send Mailchimp the email address and first name by default. However, you can also change the settings to map other fields.


Simple to assemble and operate
Establish an infinite number of membership tiers.
Easily works with Mailchimp Provides strong controls over content access
has a drag-and-drop builder for online courses.


restricted methods of payment
For new users, mapping custom fields in Mailchimp can be challenging.
Reasons to Utilize This Plugin: Because it makes creating a membership site incredibly simple, MemberPress is among the greatest Mailchimp plugins. Additionally, it integrates with Mailchimp seamlessly to help you manage all of your email needs.

Pricing: The annual cost of MemberPress, a premium plugin, is $179.50.

10. RafflePress

The greatest WordPress giveaway plugin is RafflePress, which enables you to host viral giveaways to increase website traffic, social media followers, and email subscribers.

Mailchimp and the plugin are easily integrated. You can incorporate Mailchimp into your giveaway content and include an option for users to subscribe to your email newsletter. In this manner, users automatically get added to Mailchimp when they enter their email addresses.

In addition, RafflePress provides a custom giveaway landing page, social media integration, a drag-and-drop giveaway builder, and more.


The giveaway builder is drag-and-drop compatible.
Utilize ready-made giveaway templates
protection against fraud
seamless Mailchimp integration


Mailchimp integration is not available in the free version.
Limited personalization choices available in the free edition
Reasons to Utilize This Plugin: Anyone who wants to use Mailchimp to gather email addresses and run a viral giveaway should definitely use this plugin. The two plugins combine seamlessly with one another.

Pricing: To enable email integrations, you must have at least the RafflePress Pro plan. You will pay $99.50 a year for this.

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