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2023’s Top 10 Web Development Blogs You Should Read

The fact that there are numerous websites available for learning on the internet and that a large number of people use them for various purposes presents a challenge for web developers. There are always new things to learn in the web development industry, regardless of how long you have been a developer in the field.

It’s imperative to keep up with the constantly evolving web development community, groups, and conferences if you want to stay abreast of the latest developments in libraries, technologies, and techniques. Also, reading reputable and well-known blogs is a great way to stay current on web development concepts.

This is probably the best place to look if you’re interested in web development and want to read the best blogs in the industry.

We have compiled the top ten blogs for web development readers in this article:

  1. Jake Archibald
  2. Coding Horror
  3. Ben Nadel
  4. David Walsh
  5. Brad Frost
  6. Smashing Magazine
  7. Alex Sexton
  8. Paul Irish
  9. Scotch
  10. Learn with Jason

#1 Jake Archibald

Developer advocate Jake Archibald works at Google. He consistently offers top-notch blogs on web development, covering topics like HTML, CSS, and many other pertinent and related subjects. This is a great place to find great content for developers looking to advance their careers and learn more about web development. Without a doubt, you should follow this blog.

View Website -> https://jakearchibald.com/

#2 Coding Horror

Since 2004, Jeff Atwood has maintained a fantastic blog resource called Coding Horror. He provides insightful commentary on the evolution of software engineering, encompassing more than just web development. Jeff will share a ton of useful resources and advice with you based on his experiences. He said he used to write to monitor the evolution of software over time. He does interesting-sounding research, which I then record in a publicly accessible blog post so he can easily locate and review at a later time.

View Website -> https://blog.codinghorror.com/

#3 Ben Nadel

The blogs for community engagement and experimentation are also known as “The Kinky Solutions.” They aim to impart in-depth understanding of web development with every post. He thinks that developing his abilities as a developer requires the help of others in addition to time and an insatiable curiosity. His blogs therefore resemble a Q&A section more than anything else. Every week, he posts multiple blog entries about various facets of developing web applications, such as ColdFusion, JavaScript, Node.js, HTML, CSS, and SQL.

#4 David Walsh

If you are a software development expert, you will undoubtedly come across David Walsh’s blog. There are helpful articles available regarding PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, CSS, jQuery, and other subjects. He concentrates on evangelizing and contributing to open source because he thinks it gives their dedicated developers access to a world of opportunities. David is also the founder of Script & Style and Wynq Web Labs.

View Website -> https://davidwalsh.name/

#5 Brad Frost

Brad Frost’s blogs are less about web development and more about web design content. However, it also offers some incredibly helpful blogs related to development. Whether it’s a blog about a new web design or some helpful HTML. There will undoubtedly be some motivational content. Along with working with others to create tools and resources for web designers, he also offers workshops, training, consulting, frontend designs, and web design advice. This blog site is a great way for front-end developers in particular to stay up to date.

View Website -> https://bradfrost.com/blog/

#6 Paul Irish

Paul Irish’s personal blog is well-known for sharing web development tips and tricks that streamline processes and ease the lives of other developers. He is a front-end developer at Google who focuses on developer tools and is currently a member of the Chrome team. His personal blog, where he frequently posts articles about web development covering HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and many other topics, offers helpful insights.

View Website -> https://www.paulirish.com/

#7 Smashing Magazine

With a focus on popular subjects in web design and development, including HTML, CSS, UX & UI, Typography, and many other facets of developing custom websites, Smashing Magazine is an extensive online learning resource. Printed books, e-books, PDFs, and ePUBs for the Amazon Kindle are also available on the website. You can attend events, webinars, smashing conferences, and find a job that matches your tour qualification and advance your career with a Smashing membership.

View Website -> https://www.smashingmagazine.com/

#8 Alex Sexton

Alex Sexton’s personal blog site covers a wide range of JavaScript-related topics in an extremely clear and concise manner. On his blogs, you might also discover some novel methods, resources, and fashions that are just waiting for future developers to investigate. He was on the jQuery Board of Directors at Stripe and currently works as a front-end infrastructure engineer.  The JavaScript Foundation. He enjoys contributing to open source.

View Website -> https://alexsexton.com/

#9 Scotch

A fantastic resource for learning web development is Scotch, which offers videos, tutorials, and articles on a variety of subjects including PHP, Bootstrap, JavaScript, AngularJS, and Node.js. When you’re looking for fresh ideas or development resources for your web development, this is undoubtedly the place to go. They also provide a few engaging courses that can help you advance your coding skills and require little time investment. This is a good place for developers of all experience levels. There are video courses, blogs, tutorials, and news about the newest technological trends available. They also have a great community section with helpful web developers.

View Website -> https://scotch.io/

#10 Learn with Jason

Jason Lengstorf founded Learn with Jason with the goal of assisting other web developers in advancing their careers. Numerous writers and developers publish blogs on various subjects to offer insightful information to developers. They provide blogs, videos, short tips, tutorials, and other useful resources to help you learn more about web coding. Additionally, he conducts live lessons on Tuesdays and Thursdays for ninety minutes, covering new developments in web technology.

View Website -> https://www.learnwithjason.dev/

Final Thoughts

Whether you are a novice or an expert in website development, you will probably run into some difficulties while completing a project successfully. These blogs about web development can only offer you ideas for your company website; you need to make sure you are following the counsel of experts in the field who can provide full-service website development for your needs as a business.

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