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The patent for Google SGE & Generative Summaries for Search Results

Learn more about Google’s SGE and how generative AI affects SEO and content marketing tactics by reading patent US11769017B1.

The “Generative Summaries for Search Results” Google patent US11769017B1, which was shared by X user @seostratega, seems to set the foundation for Google’s SGE by incorporating generative AI search summaries.

The purpose of this post is to give a brief overview of the patent, its relationship to Google’s SGE, and its consequences for SEO experts.

Patent US11769017B1: What Is It?

The technique for producing search result summaries using large language models (LLMs) is described in the patent.

These models are intended to produce brief and pertinent summaries by comprehending the context and content of web pages.

It reinvents the search results page, supporting more intricate queries and providing summaries enhanced by artificial intelligence along with connections to more details.

What Does It Have To Do With Google SGE?

Google SGE can create AI-powered snapshots for queries using LLMs, giving users a quick overview of the subject and opportunities to learn more.

These snapshots are not isolated bits of data; rather, they are supported by links to reputable websites, guaranteeing the accuracy and scope of the information offered.

The technology supporting US11769017B1 is essential to SGE; it allows for these succinct summaries and guarantees that they are supported by trustworthy websites.

Key Takeaways For SEO: The integration of generative AI into search implies a shift towards more nuanced and contextually rich content. As a result, SEO strategies need to adjust to prioritize content that aligns with these AI-driven summaries. First and foremost, create comprehensive content. Make sure your content covers topics thoroughly and answers users’ most frequently asked questions. This comprehensive approach increases the likelihood of being featured in summaries generated by AI. Write in a clear and concise manner while providing context. Consumable and easily digestible content is more likely to be favored for summarization by LLMs.

Beyond just using keywords and phrases, optimize your content for voice searches and conversational queries.

Developing the authority and reliability of your content is essential, especially in light of SGE’s emphasis on dependable sources and the most recent changes to E-E-A-T. This entails keeping factual accuracy and referencing reliable sources.setting. LLMs are likely to favor content that is rich in context and easy to read for summarization.

Keep up with the latest developments in generative AI and search, test the newest SGE in Labs updates, and consider how they might affect search behavior. Gaining a competitive advantage can come from quickly adjusting to these changes.

Producing content in a variety of formats—such as text, audio, video, and image—may improve visibility in various generative search scenarios.

Above all, remember that SGE will probably give priority to content that most closely reflects user intent, so make sure your content is tailored to the possible intent underlying search queries.

Find Out More About AI-Powered Google SGE

Are you interested in knowing more about the technical aspects of the patent and how they connect to Google SGE’s internal operations?

Users of Poe can get a free trial of the SGEPatentBot.

Users of ChatGPT Plus have access to a customized GPT called SGEPatentReader.

In summary

Google’s ongoing SGE experiments and patent US11769017B1 signal a change toward more artificial intelligence (AI)-driven, contextually aware search results.

It’s critical for SEO experts to adjust to these changes. Through the implementation of comprehensive, lucid, and authoritative content along with conversational query and user intent optimization, SEO strategies can conform to the changing Google search environment and potentially result in increased visibility and engagement in the SGE era.

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