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Ten AI-Based E-Commerce Tools

Are you trying to find the best artificial intelligence tools for your online store?

It can be difficult to manage an online store. You have a ton of other tasks to do in addition to copywriting, graphic design, and ad setup.

If you try to manage all of these tasks by hand, you may become overwhelmed and lose productivity.

As a result, AI tools for eCommerce stores have been released. In areas like marketing, content production, customer service, search engine optimization, etc., these tools can help you save time and money.

The best thing about these tools is that they are affordable and simple to use.

We will go over the top AI tools made especially for e-commerce sites in this post, so make sure to check them out.

What are the advantages of utilizing AI software for your company, though, first?

The advantages of artificial intelligence (AI) in online shopping

AI has countless, interconnected advantages for e-commerce that cause a domino effect, with one advantage influencing another and so on.

  1. Provide Top-Notch and Captivating Content

When creating content for your blogs, email campaigns, and media pages, AI tools can be quite helpful. The algorithms are made to comprehend titles, headings, and phrases and produce mind-blowing articles, newsletters, or blogs.

As a result, you spend less time and money producing content and can concentrate on your company’s main operations.

It’s interesting to note that AI software can even produce eye-catching pictures and edit videos for commercial use.

  1. Customized Purchasing Process

These CRM AI tools are integrated by owners of e-commerce stores to view real-time customer preferences. They are also used to track a shopper’s journey and experience in order to customize their shopping experience.

Additionally, based on their past purchases, recommend related products using AI tools for product recommendations. Customers are satisfied because they don’t have to look far for the things they want thanks to this.

Adding this to your website encourages people to make purchases from you, which boosts revenue and leads to more sales.

  1. Implement the Optimal Pricing Strategy

The majority of AI software uses cutting-edge technology and machine learning algorithms to track and evaluate the prices of your rivals and provide you with the most advantageous options.

Additionally, they are made to forecast prices in the future based on supply and demand patterns, inventory availability, and other factors.

This aids in avoiding both under- and overpricing.

  1. Management of Fraud and Risk

Checkmate fraudsters, who pose as customers to trick store owners, can benefit from the use of AI tools. This is due to the fact that they authenticate online payments using machine learning technologies to make sure there are no possible fraudulent activities. An organization that develops machine learning can assist with this.

They provide you the safest methods of payment so you can make secure online transactions. Besides, they’re simple to use.

Top AI Tools to Use

The top ten AI tools for managing your business efficiently are outlined below. With their distinct features, each of these tools can help you manage your eCommerce business more effectively while boosting sales, conversion rates, and revenue.

1. Writerly.ai

One of the most difficult aspects of managing an online store is creating content. But thanks to Writerly, it doesn’t have to be.

Writerly is AI software that takes the owners’ natural ideas and turns them into detailed content. flawlessly composed and free of grammatical mistakes.

A heading and some basic content information, like the topic and a few keywords or phrases, are required.

This software doesn’t just concentrate on fresh articles and content. You can use it to update and edit your current content to make it more interesting and engaging.

Its algorithm requires time to comprehend your brand, values, and offerings in order to produce content that is optimized for search engines and will bring customers to your store.

It includes numerous pre-designed templates for all article kinds because one of its main objectives is to make content creation simple. either in extended or condensed form.

All of your content creation and monitoring is done through a dashboard that you have been given access to. Additionally, a workspace where you can extend invitations to partners.

Writely offers ready-to-publish content that can be exported to any location.

Writely removes language barriers because your content can be translated into more than 25 languages, regardless of where you are or where your target audience is located.


No Cost Plan

Completely free

limited to two thousand words per month
enables an infinite number of team members
Double Joining
No allowance for overages

Maker Scheme

$19 a month
limited to twenty thousand words per month
enables an infinite number of team members to dual weld
permits overage reimbursement
$1 for every 1000 words

In addition, there are the 9k, 52k, and 152k plans.

2. Frase

Another artificial intelligence tool for content creation is called Frase. It enables you to produce content quickly, accurately, and with ease.

This implies that you can prepare your content for your website without having to wait many hours or days. Frase also allows you to produce content for your social media accounts.

Frase takes care of everything for you—from writing to search engine optimization to research—so you can concentrate on other facets of your business.

Within seconds, Frase analyzes the keywords and topic of your competitors in the research panel to provide you with insights into market trends and your competitors’ areas of concentration.

With the aid of Frase, you can produce eye-catching and highly effective blog headlines, FAQs, and intros for your brands. With the help of this app’s analytics and insights features, you can identify where your content needs improvement.

Additionally, it features a dashboard where you can view statistics about the performance of your content, find high-ranking keywords to add to your content, and identify low-ranking pages that need to be updated.

In general, content creators are the target audience.


Individual Strategy

$12.66 if paid annually, or $14.99 per month
produces 4,000 AI words monthly.
able to produce and polish four pieces every month
primarily for smaller projects requiring one article per week on average.

Fundamental Scheme

$49.99 per month, or $38.25 when paid yearly
produces 4,000 AI words monthly.
able to produce and refine thirty pieces every month
for bigger businesses using a typical content and SEO strategy.

Group Strategy

$114.99 a month or $97.75 a year.
produces 4,000 AI words monthly.
Able to write and optimize an infinite number of articles; ideal for teams requiring greater adaptability and cooperation.

3. Neural Love

Customers find visual content more engaging, and there is a greater likelihood of conversion. It is crucial that your visuals always be of the highest caliber in order to achieve this.

A free AI image generator and enhancer is called Neural Love. Its main objective is to remodel and resize images to satisfy user needs.

It can create aviators from your uploaded photos and alter them to have more artistic elements. To have your image redesigned, simply upload your images.

Furthermore, it allows you to resize your photos up to four times without sacrificing quality. Additionally, it improves the quality of your images so that you are never left with dull or grainy photos.

By employing AI to create more realistic HD-quality images, it brings back the lost splendor of vintage photography images.

Its ability to enhance audio and video is an additional benefit. For e-commerce, it is essentially among the greatest AI tools, despite some features being exclusive to the free plan.


No Cost Plan

countless art producers
only five images are processed
No enhancement of the video.

Plan of Subscription

$30 a month for 300 Credit
Process in excess of 1200 HD and indefinite generations of art
Process and improve up to 720p video for up to three minutes.
Organize up to 300 pictures.
Improve about two and a half hours of audio

Plan for Paying as You Go

$300 Credits instantly for $57
It’s a one-time payment; no subscription is required.

4. Deep Dream

Another AI art image generator that lets you quickly produce gorgeous artwork is called Deep Dream.

It has the ability to transform an ordinary image into an enthralling artistic creation. Any image that you feed into this app will be rendered beautiful.

It’s simple enough to use regardless of skill level thanks to the interface.

Additionally, it can produce images from text prompts, in which case an image is generated by an AI algorithm using the uploaded phrases, words, or sentences.

Deep Dream has a straightforward interface. Here are a few of the images that the text prompt generated for users.


Advanced Scheme

$19 a month
Up to 2.1MP Full HD Resolution and 20 GB of Storage for 120 Energy

Expert Scheme

$250 Energy Resolution up to 5MP Quad HD+ Storage up to 50 GB for $39 a month

Super Plan

For 750 Energy, up to 5MP Quad HD+ Resolution and 200 GB of storage, the monthly cost is $99

5. Descript

Descript is an effective artificial intelligence tool that can be used by any eCommerce store looking to boost conversion and sales.

It’s employed to produce visually appealing video content for your store. Among the top AI video editing apps for your e-commerce store as well.

It’s interesting to note that its emphasis is on the complete workflow, including screen recording, editing, and sharing, rather than just video.

With the help of the provided templates, you can also utilize it to transform your content into brief videos.

Transcribing and editing audio for podcasts are other uses for Descript. Furthermore, you can use the Descript embeddable player to host and publish your content.


No Cost Plan

Able to surpass a 1000-word vocabulary
Permits studio audio and an AI green screen file for ten minutes.
five results per search in the stock research

Maker Scheme

$12 a month
Able to surpass a 1000-word vocabulary
Allows studio sound and AI green screen files for up to 60 minutes.
A maximum 4K video export resolution and a monthly 12-hour transcription are available.

Pro Plan

$24 a month
Unlimited word vocabulary overdubbing, studio sound, and an infinite green screen file
Each month, get up to 4k video export resolution and 30 hours of transcription.

Enterprise Plan, for which you can get in touch with their support staff to customize.

6. SalesForce Einstein

With its wealth of sophisticated AI features, Salesforce Einstein can streamline your operations and increase productivity.

How does it operate? Based on historical data, it makes predictions about what will happen in the future. Furthermore, it is programmed to use proactive measures to resolve conflicts before they arise.

It uses preventative tactics to settle disputes before they arise.

Using this app streamlines your operations. Fascinatingly, it can forecast when there will be a chance to close a deal and satisfy a customer.

It aims to personalize customers’ journeys and experiences because of its CRM focus.

7. Google Cloud: AI Recommendation

Since customers are the primary focus of e-commerce businesses, it is necessary to take steps to guarantee their satisfaction throughout the entire shopping process.

Google Cloud is an AI tool that every eCommerce company needs to have. It provides customized recommendations based on the client’s past purchasing behavior and experience.

Because all of their services are automated, there’s no need to manually handle traffic spike mitigation infrastructure or preprocess orders.

features an easy-to-use user interface for managing models, integrating data, making recommendations, and keeping track of performance.

Add unstructured metadata, such as the product name and description, to efficiently maximize data and produce accurate predictions.

Furthermore, it considers new users and offers excellent suggestions at every stage of the purchasing process, from the homepage to the shopping cart and order confirmation.

To provide the best AI recommendations, follow these three steps.

Enter your data here, including the customer and product catalogue information.
Tailor your suggestions – Decide on the recommendation type, goal, and business rule.
Whenever a customer is interacting with you, provide recommendations.

8. MicroAI

MicroAI is a security tool that enhances machine and device performance through embedded AI technology. IT and OT device security is another feature it offers.

MicroAI can also be applied in other industries, including the financial sector, infrastructure, automotive, and manufacturing.

The following are a few MicroAI technologies:

AtomML: This artificial intelligence (AI) finds anomalies and inefficiencies in a device or machine. It endows a single machine with strong intelligence.

LanchPad: An intelligent machine management platform built on top of Kubernetes. Additionally, it provides self-servicing options like personalizing new apps, among other things.

9. Prisync

Prisync is the next AI tool for e-commerce on our list. If you want to increase sales and profits, you can rely on this app.

You can quickly and easily keep an eye on your competitors’ prices in real time with this app. You can monitor this data directly from your admin dashboard as well. Its agile system also makes it simple to evaluate and track changes in product availability and price.

It’s interesting to note that Prisync can save you the trouble of manually managing your product pricing to maximize your profits. It offers smooth services that handle any technical issues that arise with your website.


Expert Scheme

For a maximum of 100 items
Allows for price position comparison and stock monitoring with three price updates per day and an infinite number of competitors

Elevated Scheme

For a maximum of 1000 items
Mechanism for dynamic pricing
tracking prices in the market
Notifications and reports every day

The Platinum Plan

Instant alerts Previous prices
MAP tracking, etc.


Visense is AI software that facilitates product discovery for owners of online stores, allowing you to easily accomplish your business objectives. The best product discovery tool for online store owners looking to boost sales is this app.

Smart recommendation and machine learning are used to present products that are likely to be purchased by your customers. Customers will spend less time looking for the product they want to buy as a result of this.

Additionally, you can import product catalogs from websites owned by third parties with ease thanks to this app. Visenze is powered by amazing, highly accurate artificial intelligence technology.

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