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The IT Minister implores businesses to fund Pakistani startups

In Islamabad, Umar Saif, the interim minister of information technology and telecommunications for Pakistan, gave a speech. He urged businesses to consider making an investment in Pakistani entrepreneurs because the market offers fantastic potential.
He mentioned how Pakistan has a favorable time zone and a large number of knowledgeable IT specialists. He also mentioned the government’s efforts to digitalize and train 200,000 IT specialists nationwide.

The government is taking steps to support startups and lessen the dangers they confront, according to Minister Saif. He promised that there would be no limits on dollar transactions for this industry and that they have a plan to help it. Any barriers to growth that may exist are something the government wishes to get rid of.

He added that young people in Pakistan make up the second-largest online workforce globally. To make it simpler for them to get paid, the government is working.

Minister Saif emphasized that the government is opening up the IT sector to foreign investment. Since assuming leadership of the interim administration, he has actively pushed for the expansion of Pakistan’s startup and information technology industries. He recently had a meeting with a World Bank delegation to talk about common goals and the “Digital Economy Enhancement Project.”

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