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Ten AI Tools That Can Save You Hours of Manual Work Were Released Two Weeks Ago

Are you overburdened with tedious tasks?

revealing ten AI tools that will help you save countless hours!

Don’t fall behind; continue reading.

Landing AI

Create stunning webpages with AI in a matter of seconds.

Style AI

WebsiteGPT allows you to quickly create fully customizable websites.

AI Assistant For SQL By Weld

The quickest method for creating a data warehouse


A debugging AI to help you find bugs more quickly.


Your go-to AI workspace tool of choice.

Parsio 2.0

Utilize a document parser driven by AI to automate data extraction.

Sprig Replays and AI User Insights

Learn about products in real time with replays and AI driven by GPT.


Transform your voice notes into a readable text summary with ease.

PLAN by ixigo

Use GPT for Travel to quickly arrange your ideal vacation.


The simplest method for turning jumbled ideas into legible writing.


1. Landing AI

2. Style AI

3. AI assistant for SQL by Weld

4. JamGPT

5. TeamGPT

6. Parsio 2.0

7. Sprig Replays and AI User Insights

8. Audionotes

9. PLAN by ixigo

10. AudioPen

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