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Ten AI Tools for Your Business This Year That You Should Implement

Artificial Intelligence is a buzzword these days, and it’s undeniable that in the coming years, this technology will play a major role in our businesses. But how about right now? These ten AI tools can be used right now to help boost profits and productivity.

1. ChatGPT

There are many reasons for a business owner to be excited about this conversational chatbot developed by OpenAI, which ignited the hype late last year. Use it for advanced math, HR policy creation, website analysis to improve search engine rankings, blogging, email creation suggestions, and many other tasks. You should also experiment with OpenAI’s Dall-E 2 app, which can generate images for your website or business communications based on text commands (such as “a horse standing by a river”).

2. Microsoft Copilot

Since Microsoft owns 49% of OpenAI and hosts ChatGPT on Microsoft servers, a large portion of ChatGPT’s functionality will soon be included in the Copilot app, which is currently available for use with Bing searches and will play a significant role in Office over the course of the next year. Copilot can be used to update presentations, make templates, analyze spreadsheets, and even go to Teams meetings on your behalf.

3. Google Bard/Duet

Google’s version of ChatGPT is called Bard, and the program called Duet will leverage Bard’s underlying Large Language Model to power Google’s business apps in a manner reminiscent of Microsoft Copilot. Although the release of these features is anticipated to occur in the next six months, Gmail is currently utilizing Bard’s AI to assist with email writing and grammar checking.

4. Crayon AI

Crayon is an advanced image generator that works similarly to Dall-E. It uses artificial intelligence (AI) to create artwork, pictures, drawings, and other graphics right from your text descriptions. There are seemingly endless options with excellent quality. Use this for pictures that you put on your website or other marketing materials.

5 – Heywire.ai

Heywire is a potent content generator that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to gather information from the Internet and transform it into stories, articles, and other blog formats if your company produces a lot of content. Real-time, journalistically verified data that you can publish is used by the application. With the aid of this tool, you and your business can become even more recognized in your field as thought leaders. Depending on the content it produces, it can also create several “personalities” for whoever you want to be seen as when they write and post on social media.

6. Eightify

Have you ever come across a really engaging video, realized how long it is, and thought, “I don’t have the time.” Eightify finds a solution for that. After watching the video on your behalf, this AI app will highlight key points. We frequently have to wear all the hats as business owners. which implies that we need to be well-versed in a wide range of topics. With the help of this app, we can take in a lot more information than ever before. There is a ton of fantastic video content available that can assist us in running our business.

7. Temi

As a writer, I vouch for Temi having used it for years! It’s an effective transcription service powered by AI. My own audio and video recordings are uploaded to Temi, who converts them into words in a matter of minutes. The transcription is nearly perfect. A ten-minute recording can be transcribed for only a few dollars as well.

8. Feathery

Do you require a high-quality, formal form for your company? A job application, perhaps? A template for a quotation? A form of inquiry for website visitors? Feathery creates forms with a professional appearance in minutes using AI. Forms that you create and modify to suit your needs as a business can be saved and edited. An interface that uses natural language is used for all of this.

9. Interview.ai

Do you want to help potential hires get ready for a job interview? Alternatively, you might be a remote independent contractor or freelancer who has an appointment to meet with a potential client. AI is used by Interview.ai to guide you through the conversation beforehand. Your speaking abilities will improve with its practice interviews, and its algorithms provide interview questions that are specific to the position and sector. Based on the information you submit in advance, the platform claims to provide situational and technical customized questions.

10. Opus Clip

In our businesses, so many of us use videos for marketing campaigns, case studies, client testimonials, or just to create some buzz. The videos are posted on our website, but we naturally want to use them for more. This is the use of Opus Clip. You can upload a lengthy video to their AI-generated platform, and it will automatically split it into manageable, shorter segments that you can share on social media or use in email campaigns.

Really cool, huh? I have only begun to scratch the surface. Everything about this brings back memories of the early days of the iPhone and its rival smartphones, when apps first surfaced and subsequently spread widely. I anticipate that this AI revolution will result in the same thing. Thus, there will be many more. Play with these tools in the interim, though, and I guarantee positive outcomes and increased productivity.

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