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Google Adds Organization Meta Data Support To Improve Search

Google is adding support for organization markup to enhance knowledge panels with more precise business information.

Organization structured data markup is becoming more widely supported by Google, enabling businesses to include more information about themselves in search results.

With this update, Google will display company information in knowledge panels and other visual components on the search results page by utilizing the markup.

This aids users in locating pertinent details about the companies they are looking for.

What’s Modifying?

Google began allowing websites to specify the image and link for their logo in search results using the “logo” and “url” markup in 2013.

Google now allows websites to add extra details like their name, address, phone number, and company IDs.

Google integrates the current structured data guidelines for the logo with the organization’s larger markup documentation.

Modifications to the Search Console

More thorough organization markup validations have replaced the logo report in Google Search Console and the Rich Results Test tool’s tests.

You can test organization markup with the Rich Results Test by providing a URL or snippet of code. This gives immediate feedback on how well markup is implemented.

What Functions Websites Must Have?

Websites that use logo markup don’t need to make any changes because Google will detect it. If applicable, Google advises adding the new organization fields.

Companies may be able to display expanded knowledge panels, similar to Google’s newly released merchant panels, if they provide more details about their organization.

Google advises using both local business and organization markup for local businesses. Businesses that operate exclusively online should use the “OnlineBusiness” subtype of organization markup.

Gazing Forward

With these updates, businesses and organizations should find it easier to assist users in finding accurate information in Google Search results.

This update also shows why, even in cases where Google does not yet use structured data markup for rich result enhancements, it can still be advantageous for websites to use it.

Even though some markup attributes might not result in obvious gains, they put websites in a better position to gain from Google’s systems as they develop the capacity to handle and present new types of structured data. Future improvements may be fueled by the work completed today.

Special search features for previously unsupported markup may eventually become available as Google develops its structured data capabilities.

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