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Microsoft Advertising Unveils Three New Solutions for Generative AI

Discover new Conversational Ad experiences, Ads for Chat API, and Copilot generative AI tools for Microsoft Advertising.


The goal of the new Compare & Decide Ads is to maximize user interaction on Bing Chat.
The first Ads for Chat API partners are Snapchat My AI and Axel Springer.
With an upcoming open beta, Copilot for Microsoft Advertising seeks to make the creation of advertising campaigns simpler.

In order to reimagine how we engage with search engines and online advertisements, Microsoft has unveiled a number of generative AI upgrades to its search and advertising platforms.

The tech giant announced earlier this year that it would include generative AI into its services to alter the way we operate.

The Microsoft Advertising Platform’s Compare & Decide Ads and Copilot tools help it do this.

According to Microsoft’s data, Bing conversation, the company’s AI-powered conversation function, is popular with younger users and promotes hasty decision-making.

Users on Chat apparently make decisions in half the time it takes them to do so using conventional search techniques.

Microsoft’s Edge browser had tremendous growth, which further internal statistics attributed in part to the seamless integration of Bing AI conversation.

Comparing and choosing offers a conversational experience that is interesting.

New advertising types are being launched by Microsoft specifically for the Bing Chat experience.

Users will be able to assess possibilities in accordance with their chosen criteria using the first of these, Compare & Decide Ads.

These ads, which are expected to go into closed beta in early 2024, will transform advertising in the travel, auto, and retail industries by compiling all pertinent data into a clear table.

In order to assist advertisers in connecting with AI chat users, Microsoft also intends to roll out more Conversational Ad experience forms over the upcoming months.

Microsoft Introduces First Ads For Chat API Partners

Microsoft also disclosed the names of its first two partners who will be utilizing the new Ads for Chat API in addition to the new Conversational Ad experiences.

One of the first chatbots to use the Ads for ChatAPI to offer sponsored content in chat responses is Snapchat’s My AI, which is used by 150 million users worldwide.

With 16–17 million daily visitors, Axel Springer’s Hey_ product has also adopted the advertising strategy.

Before bringing on more partners, Microsoft wants to hear what its current partners have to say about the Ads for Chat API service.

Copilot For Microsoft Advertising Offers Intelligence AI Assistance

Another groundbreaking feature is the Copilot in the Microsoft Advertising Platform.

By offering suggestions for photos, headlines, and descriptions, this intelligent assistant intends to assist advertisers and agencies in streamlining their advertising initiatives.

Microsoft is testing it out with a select group of marketers before launching a broad beta “in the coming months.”

AI Continues To Transform Advertising And Search

The improvements made to Microsoft’s advertising and search services have a big impact on the advertising sector since they provide better user experiences and more precise targeting.

Sign up for a webcast in November to hear more about generative AI in Microsoft solutions. Microsoft advertisers are welcome to attend.

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