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Disavow Links Feature To Be Removed From Bing Webmaster Tools

Examine Bing’s plans for spammy links once the disavow tool has been removed from Bing Webmaster Tools.


The disavow links capability in Bing Webmaster Tools will be discontinued in October 2023.
According to Bing, its highly developed AI can now automatically discriminate between connections that are natural and links that are not.
Webmasters are recommended to keep following Bing’s policies on link-related abuses.

A significant update that could have an impact on website owners and SEO specialists that use the disavow links tool was announced by Bing Webmaster Tools.

The platform will stop supporting the disavow links capability and related API as of October 2023. The choice is a component of Bing’s endeavor to simplify its services and enhance customer satisfaction.

What Is The Disavow Links Feature

The disavow links tool was first introduced in 2012, giving website owners a way to tell Bing which incoming links shouldn’t be taken into account when assessing the value and relevancy of their websites.

This feature was essential in defending against negative SEO campaigns, in which bad actors may fabricate or purchase spammy backlinks to lower a rival’s rating.

Bing To Identify Spammy Links Using AI

Bing explained in the statement that developments in artificial intelligence technologies had eliminated the necessity for manual link disavowal.

Bing’s new algorithms now have improved skills to determine the “context and intent” of connections, allowing users to distinguish between reliable links and those that appear strange or unreliable.

The consequence is that website owners can rely on Bing’s AI to detect low-quality links and automatically remove them, saving them the time and money required for manual inspection.

Website Owners Encouraged To Follow Guidelines

Website owners and marketers are urged to be aware of Bing’s policies regarding link schemes, link purchases, and link spamming because failure to do so may result in the removal of a website from the search engine’s index.

However, the business reaffirmed its dedication to offering website owners access to useful information through its backlink report tool, which provides some insight into their link profiles.

In closing the statement, Fabrice Canel, Principal Program Manager of Bing Webmaster Tools, thanked users for their ongoing support and urged them to submit comments and inquiries through Bing’s help center or support channels.

The removal of the disavow links option from Bing Webmaster solutions is evidence of the continued dependence on AI technology, which reduces the need for conventional link management solutions.

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