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Man Falls to his Death from a Broken Bridge Due to a Google Maps Navigation Error; Family Files Lawsuit

The grievously deceased Philip Paxson’s family has filed a lawsuit against Google. They contend that Paxson was given the incorrect directions by Google Maps, which prompted him to drive off a bridge that had fallen and resulted in his tragic 20-foot fall.

According to the lawsuit, Paxson was using Google Maps to get home after his daughter’s birthday party when the program instructed him to drive across a bridge that had long since collapsed without any warning signs.

Not just Google but also its parent firm, Alphabet, and two regional businesses in charge of maintaining the land and bridge are parties to this legal case. According to the lawsuit, they neglected to maintain the bridge or erect the necessary signs to ensure public safety.

The family is seeking compensation, although they haven’t given an exact amount. Google expressed sympathy for the Paxson family and said they were looking into the incident involving their navigation system.

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