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Kuwaiti nationals can now enter 50 countries without a visa.

An official declaration states that Kuwaiti nationals can now travel to 50 countries without a visa. The information regarding the visa policies for Kuwaiti nationals were presented in answer to an inquiry from MP Osama Al Zaid, and this decision was made.

Passport holders from Kuwait can now travel to 50 nations without having to wait around for a visa. Ten of these nations are in Europe, three are in Australasia and its surrounding territories, seven are in Asia, four are in Africa, thirteen are in the Americas, and thirteen are Arab nations. This facilitates travel and keeps Kuwaitis connected to the outside world.

Eleven nations provide Kuwaiti nationals with the option of electronic visas. These nations span four continents: Europe, three Asia, two Africa, and two Americas.

Additionally, 32 nations offer on-arrival visas for Kuwaiti visitors, further enhancing their convenience. These nations include five in Australasia and surrounding areas, twelve in Asia, thirteen in Africa, one in the Americas, and one Arab nation.

But 104 nations still require Kuwaiti passport holders to apply for visas at embassies or other authorized agencies. 36 of these nations are located in Europe, seven are in Australasia and its neighbors, ten are in Asia, 28 are in Africa, 20 are in the Americas, and three are Arab nations.

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