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John Mueller from Google: Technical SEO Won’t Disappear

Despite claims to the contrary, technical SEO is still crucial, according to John Mueller of Google.


According to John Mueller of Google, technical SEO isn’t waning in significance.
Since a revision to Google’s ranking methods paper, the SEO community has been arguing the importance of technical SEO.
Google makes it clear that despite modifications to the documentation, technical elements are still crucial.

John Mueller, the Google Search Advocate, recently refuted suggestions that technical SEO is becoming less important by affirming its continued value.

He made this comments in response to a tweet that said technical SEO was losing its importance on X, formerly known as Twitter.

The Debate over the Importance of Technical SEO

Regarding X, Mueller responded to Yiit Konur’s claim that “Technical SEO is becoming less important every day.”

Konur continued by saying that many people have misconceptions about technical SEO and that some people approach it in an overly complicated way.

He added that the emphasis should switch to producing and optimizing high-quality content, barring any significant technical problems.

A little video describing website redirects from the Google Search Central account started this discussion.

However, it draws attention to a wider discussion among SEO professionals that grew more heated after Google recently updated the documentation for its ranking processes.

Technical SEO in Google’s Ranking Systems: Context

Google updated its material on its ranking algorithms in April, deleting technical SEO elements like HTTPS and Core Web Vitals.

Google was quick to point out how important these components are.

Danny Sullivan, a Google Search liaison, clarified at the time:

It doesn’t suggest that things like Core Web Vitals or being mobile-friendly should be disregarded or that page experience has somehow been “retired.” the exact opposite. It states that you should take into account these and other aspects of page experience if you wish to succeed with Google Search’s fundamental ranking algorithms.

Sullivan went on to discuss the distinction between ranking “systems” and “signals,” highlighting the fact that the upgrade transferred some page experience components from the “systems” category to the “signals” one.

These elements were still important despite the shift since they served as signals for other systems.

Technical SEO’s Ongoing Relevance
Mueller’s most recent assertion demonstrates that technical SEO is still essential to a website’s performance.

Mueller’s statement emphasizes that technical SEO continues to be the foundation of all open web developments, notwithstanding the changing landscape of the SEO community.

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