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Hasan Ali said that everyone lamented Australia’s loss in the 2021 T20 World Cup semifinals.

Hasan Ali, a national cricketer, recently revealed a touching story from the T20 World Cup in 2021. The dressing room was filled with anguish and strong emotions following Pakistan’s semifinal defeat to Australia.

The players were tremendously motivated to win the tournament, but an unforeseen turn of circumstances resulted in a painful loss, Hasan Ali explained in a podcast interview. On the field, some players even started to cry.

The players sat silently in different corners of the locker room when they entered after the game, with senior squad members attempting to reassure and console the younger ones.

Babar Azam, their team captain, was also praised by Hasan Ali, who referred to him as “the king” and a source of strength when things became tough.

Hasan Ali fumbled a critical catch during the crucial time of the semi-final, allowing Australia to secure their triumph. Due to this defeat, Pakistan lost the chance to defeat Australia and take home the T20 World Cup trophy.

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