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Google dispels misconceptions regarding redirect type

John Mueller from Google responds to some often asked issues concerning different sorts of redirects and the continued value of technical SEO.


  • The use of one type of redirect over another does not impact PageRank significantly, according to the latest video from Google Search Central.
  • Search Advocate John Mueller also debunked the widespread belief that permanent redirects are irreversible in a related discussion.
  • In addition, technical SEO is not diminishing, but remains foundational.

In a video for Google Search Central and a subsequent conversation on X/Twitter, Google Search Advocate John Mueller dispelled common misconceptions about redirect types.

The conversation cleared up long-standing misunderstandings about how Google handles different redirect types.

Redirect Types Don’t Impact PageRank

Mueller kicked off the discussion by addressing a hot button issue in SEO: whether to utilize a 301 or a 302 redirect for maximum PageRank.

His counsel? Use the redirect (temporary, permanent, etc.) that best fits your circumstance.

“The good news is that it’s irrelevant. Use the appropriate redirect type, technically.

He went on to say that other types, including 307 and 308, are also good options because redirects have been an issue for search engines ever since they were created.

Anyone who doubts this advice should refer to Google’s documentation on HTTP status codes and related videos from Google Search Central.

There is no set time limit for temporary redirects.

Lyndon NA, who was taking part in the conversation, questioned Mueller about the 302 and 307 redirects’ time component.

Mueller stated that there was no set timescale, leaving SEO specialists in the customary waiting period following the upgrading or deleting of a redirect.

Permanent Redirects Can Be Reversed

Contrary to popular belief that permanent redirects are irreversible, Mueller threw in a curveball by letting SEO professionals know that permanent redirects aren’t actually permanent.

This insight shifts the paradigm on how professionals should consider the “permanence” of certain SEO decisions.

Technical SEO Remains Important
Another participant in the discourse, Yigit Konur, asserted that technical SEO was losing importance every day.

Technical SEO, according to Mueller, “continues to be the foundation of everything built on the open web.” Mueller disagreed with this viewpoint.

Shedding Light On The Effects Of Redirects

This conversation helped to peel back layers of myths and misunderstandings about redirect types and HTTP status codes, enabling SEO professionals to strategize based on facts rather than assumptions.

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