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Celebrating CCI’s World Water Week Pakistan opens its 35th PAANI facility

Mr. Ahmet Kursad Ertin, Regional Director (SAME) – CCI Pakistan (Coca-Cola Beverages Pakistan Limited), and Dr. Rizwan Naseer, Secretary Emergency Services Department, inaugurated a new water filtration plant installed for the neighborhood during a ceremony held at Rescue Headquarters in Lahore. Senior company management as well as representatives from Rescue 1122 and the World Wildlife Federation (WWF) attended the ceremony.
35 water filtration facilities have been installed all over the nation by CCI Pakistan as part of its flagship CSR Project, PAANI. Each plant is capable of producing over 2000 liters of pure drinking water every hour, serving over a million people every day.

The world we inherit tomorrow is shaped by the decisions we make today, Mr. Ertin remarked during his speech. In Pakistan, we address water concerns on three fronts: effectiveness, replenishment, and ensuring access to clean water. Through operational excellence initiatives, we are lowering our water consumption for water efficiency. Additionally, we have committed to water replenishment projects for the Ravi Basin, with the goal of achieving water neutrality through these initiatives. In order to ensure that people in water-stressed areas have access to clean drinking water, we are funding community-based projects like the PAANI project.

Dr. Rizwan Naseer, Secretary of the Emergency Services Department, expressed his gratitude to CCI Pakistan and WWF for setting up water filtration systems for poor areas. “Rescue 1122 is providing the citizens with their inalienable right to emergency care,” he declared. Over 217 thousand fire situations were attended to, and over 13.2 million people were saved. “We are working with local communities on emergency preparedness, and we hope that such corporate partnerships continue for the betterment of local communities,” he continued. Additionally, Dr. Rizwan proposed Rescue Stations as safe locations for Panni water filtration facilities, promising thorough maintenance and oversight of the water filtration plant under the watchful eye of Rescue personnel.

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