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As said by Matthew Hayden, Babar Azam is a champion.

Babar Azam, the captain of Pakistan, is held in high regard by former Australian opening batsman Mathew Hayden as the crucial Super Four match against Sri Lanka approaches in the 2023 Asia Cup.

Despite Babar’s recent performance downturn, Hayden expressed unflinching trust in his ability during an interview with Star Sports. Babar Azam was singled out by Hayden as an example of a true champion—someone who is skilled at overcoming obstacles.

Hayden emphasized that Babar Azam leads in this area when comparing statistics between him and Virat Kohli at the same point of their careers. He emphasized the importance of Babar to Pakistan’s squad, noting that he was not just the captain but also an important batsman.

The former Pakistan cricket team coach stressed how closely related Babar’s performance is to Pakistan’s batting fortunes. Babar is in charge of the lineup’s batting order, which has several notable players. In his final remarks, Hayden emphasized how crucial Babar’s performance was for Pakistan.

While Babar Azam shined in the tournament opener against Nepal with a spectacular 151-run knock, his recent appearances against Bangladesh and India fell short of expectations.

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