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Airports, train stations, and shopping malls have banned crocs.

If you like the well-known, comfortable Crocs clogs, you might need to switch up your go-to shoe for the airport or shopping mall because several establishments have banned wearing Crocs and other soft, rubbery shoes on escalators due to safety concerns.

Crocs and other shoes with similar soft soles have reportedly been getting trapped in escalators, leading to injuries and prompting warnings. As a result, airports, train stations, and shopping malls all throughout the country have now posted signs and announcements prohibiting the use of these shoes on escalators.

The bans are a result of terrifying instances that have authorities concerned. In one incident in 2018, a boy’s Crocs nearly tore his foot off after they got stuck in an escalator.

Despite being incredibly well-liked for their cushy comfort, Crocs are dangerous on moving staircases because to their soft, rubbery construction. The restrictions are meant to keep other escalator users and those wearing Crocs safe.

So the next time you wear your favorite pair of Crocs out, be extra careful on escalators, think about switching it up and wearing hard-soled shoes, or put your Crocs in Sport Mode for a tighter fit.

And don’t worry, you can still walk through the mall or airport wearing Crocs with assurance. Just don’t even consider getting on an escalator while wearing those plush, thick clogs.

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