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After cricket, Bookme is working to bring football back to Pakistan.

Football enthusiasts in Pakistan are ecstatic that FIFA is returning after an absence of eight long years. A FIFA Qualification Round 1 series match between Pakistan and Cambodia will take place at Jinnah Stadium in Islamabad on October 17. And if this event is a success, perhaps there will be more games played in Pakistan in the near future. So, it is surely a big news for football fans.

Cricket is the first sport that comes to mind when we discuss sports in Pakistan. International games used to be played in locations like Dubai and Sharjah. Pakistan has even been given the pleasure of hosting the most recent Asia Cup after the success of numerous Pakistan Super League seasons and numerous international series. Bookme has led the way in every aspect of this, from ticketing to on-site operations.

Now Bookme and Pakistan Football Federation are working together to make the forthcoming game in Islamabad a huge success. The staff at Bookme is putting in a lot of effort to publicize this match across all of their platforms in order to guarantee a healthy turnout. The fact that 25 lucky winners will receive free stuff every day after purchasing tickets is another thrilling aspect of this.

Taimoor Ali, COO of Bookme, expressed his feelings on this occasion. “I have personally observed many Pakistani football fans wishing for this day for a very long time.

After Covid-19, the international cricket in Pakistan has been revived in large part because to Bookme, a Pakistani e-ticketing firm. This Pakistani ticketing business deserves all the kudos for digitizing ticketing and ensuring that all regulations are followed with on-ground arrangements. They succeeded in doing so for cricket, and now they intend to succeed in doing so for football.

We respectfully request that everyone who lives in Islamabad and Rawalpindi register their attendance on the day of the game for a few hours. It is for Pakistan, but more importantly it is for the return of football.

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