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10 Greatest Bootstrap Blog Themes for 2023 (Most of them are Free)

The best WordPress blog themes overall


You finally made the decision to start a blog. But you have a long-term plan and are serious about it. With that in mind, you definitely don’t want to rely on free platforms.

You’re ready to build a strong blog that you own completely. However, how? With Divi, it is simple. With this site canvas, you have everything you need to start using the internet like a pro. Remember, you can create pages with Divi even if you are not a designer or coder. The tool is easy to use, even for beginners.

Divi is completely responsive, so all of your stories and contents will look great on all kinds of devices.


By using Jevelin, a versatile site canvas, you can access a plethora of options and possibilities. You can still enjoy using Jevelin’s incredible predefined layouts as a blogger. They have a very pleasing appearance, are sleek and contemporary, and can accommodate a wide range of concepts. There are times when you won’t even want to use the default demo and change it. As soon as this happens, you can start publishing fresh, interesting content.

Slider Revolution, Contact Form 7, a one-click installation process, forty custom shortcodes, and a mega menu are a few Jevelin extras. Both performance and SEO optimization have been applied to the layout. If you would like to modify Jevelin and add your unique style to it, feel free to use the drag and drop page builder provided by WPBakery.


Anybody who wants to start their own personal blog can use Zunday to make it happen. It’s not always necessary to maintain the default configuration when you can easily enhance and customize web design to your preference. But you can also use the tool completely against the grain and use Zunday for any kind of blog.

You can choose from a variety of original and imaginative demos as well as a dark and light look with the Zunday kit. This provides you with a multitude of choices for creating a blog that perfectly reflects your style. You can use any one of the six variations to your advantage to be more precise.

Top free blog themes for WordPress


Shapely is only compatible with WordPress, but the other templates in the collection are HTML templates. Shapely is a very flexible tool that allows you to create a wide range of websites for your business ideas. Even complete beginners can quickly have professional pages live thanks to an easy-to-use interface. Instead of letting your imagination hold you back, go all in and begin the process of making your blog a reality, and it will go live quickly.

It’s possible that Shapely will serve as your final template requirement. Adjust the tool’s settings to suit your needs, add your preferred plugins, and make it localizable or global.

Top free blog templates for Bootstrap


Meranda is a beautiful, minimalistic, and incredibly powerful free website template that comes with a ton of goodies for blogs and online magazines. Everything is included in the package, including internal page layouts, home, and other useful features. Meranda is a Bootstrap Framework template that also ensures complete extensibility and flexibility for a sick show.

Use Meranda to simplify your blog instead of overstuffing it with fancy effects and other elements. You won’t even want to alter Meranda’s default structure if you choose to work with it. Just take a peek at that beauty. Of course, you can make more customization adjustments and force Meranda to adopt your distinctive look. Included in the Meranda kit is an integrated contact form as well.


Meet Andrea, who will build on the excitement by releasing more amazing and cost-free Bootstrap blog themes. Andrea is yet another amazing option that, with its simple and elegant style, you won’t want to pass up in your life. Even though the design is extremely straightforward, it is imaginative enough to give each and every one of your guests a positive first impression. The more you post, the more probable it is that they will come back to see all the incredible stuff you have to offer in the form of intriguing articles.

With a sticky sidebar menu, pagination, scroll content loading, a about page, and an extensive contact section, Andrea offers it all and more. Of course, Google Maps and a form are included on the contact page.

Readit Blog

For bloggers, Readit Blog is a visually appealing, colorful, and easy-to-use template. The content is highlighted by its striking design. Choose Readit Blog if you want to use this style, which includes an extra full-screen banner above the fold. It fits any niche perfectly and is ideal for all kinds of blogs.

Readit Blog offers several features, including social icons, scroll down animation, gradient effect, and sticky header. You receive pre-made contact and about pages with a form and a Google Map.


Ionize is your template if you wish to stay away from the conventional blog appearance. Even though it’s a completely free option, the results will be amazing. It combines modernism and creativity to produce an amazing outcome that will draw attention. There is no need to feel constrained because Ionize is excellent for a variety of industries and niches.

Ionize’s layout is entirely responsive to mobile devices and works with all major web browsers. Carousels, sticky sidebar navigation, content loading on scroll, and a lovely post layout are all included in the kit. You’re ready to make a big splash when you join the blogging world.


Eden is a free Bootstrap blog template that complies with all current online standards and trends. It guarantees excellent performance on all popular gadgets and web browsers. Eden’s design is also imaginative and well-organized, making it enjoyable for everyone to peruse. This HTML template can also be edited, though you should probably use it exactly as is.

There are many benefits to be gained. Eden has even more amazing features, such as social media buttons, a sticky menu, an internal and external page layout, and an effective contact form. It just takes a click to claim it as yours.’


The Philosophy template exemplifies the versatility of Bootstrap in creating contemporary websites (or blogs) that adhere to the FLAT design principle. This polished template is ideal for writers and bloggers who want to add a strong “professional” element to their blogging endeavors. Numerous fashionable typefaces and widget ideas are included in the design options; all of them can be easily removed and customized to become anything you deem essential for your blogging endeavors. You can advertise your other content, include social media widgets, or promote your About page in an open footer section. If needed, you can even do all three at once.


You should begin your online project with Wordsmith right away if you have a passion for words and want to make a living from writing. With its imaginative and creative vibe, this free Bootstrap blog template is prepared to bring your idea to life as quickly as possible. However, view Wordsmith’s live preview page before committing completely. If that’s the case right now, click the download button to begin your incredible path to success.

Wordsmith executes all of its tasks with elegance and focus. Wordsmith is here to satisfy you and, most importantly, your devoted fan base, whether that means displaying video and audio blog posts or loading content on scroll.


If you’re interested, Bounty is a free Bootstrap blog template that lets you create an online magazine page. The tool is well-structured and recorded, guaranteeing that all users get the most benefit. Bounty is, in fact, extremely flexible and adaptable, allowing you to easily modify your requirements and rules. Furthermore, you can always modify it to make Bounty exactly follow your branding specifications. Indeed, Bounty’s free template can still be beneficial to you even if you are a novice in website development.

Among Bounty’s primary features are an Instagram feed, a carousel slider, sticky navigation, hover effects, and a sidebar full of widgets. The layout is also mobile-ready because it is a Bootstrap template. Now is the perfect time to begin your blogging journey with Bounty.


Wordify is a free Bootstrap blog template designed for journalists and writers. You have complete control over how you use Wordify, regardless of the niche you are deeply interested in. Wordify can accommodate all of your needs because of its elegant, simple, and clean design. You just need to add your unique content, which will perfectly suit your purpose, even if you use it exactly as is. Please feel free to modify and improve Wordify in order to elevate the experience.

Wordify has many helpful widgets, a drop-down menu, a slider, and loads your engaging content as you scroll. In addition, there is a comprehensive contact section featuring a form and a about page.


If you are a frequent traveler, you have undoubtedly already given starting a blog some thought. If so, why haven’t you come to realize your idea yet? You’re still looking for the greatest website design to fit your daring way of living. Now that the search is over, thanks to Explore. With this free Bootstrap blog template, you can get started on your project right away. Explore’s simple website design makes sure that every user gets the most out of your content. Explore does not contain the word “distraction” in its vocabulary.

There’s a captivating dual-screen slideshow that will captivate everyone. Explore is cross-platform compatible and compatible with the majority of web browsers. It has also been optimized for speed, ensuring that your page loads incredibly quickly. You can connect your blog to your popular social media accounts and use a newsletter subscription widget to get their email addresses. Stop waiting; the answer is at hand.

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