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WordPress Initial Templates AI: Construct a Website in 60 Seconds

Integrating ZipWP AI Website Builder, which promises to build a complete website in 60 seconds, with Astra Starter Templates 3.5.2

With more than a million active installations, Brainstorm Force’s Astra Starter Templates has announced the inclusion of the ZipWP AI website builder, which lets users create whole websites with content and images.

With over 280 customizable designs, it’s one of the most widely used templates worldwide, with over one million active installs, enabling users to easily construct professional-looking websites.

There was still a slight learning curve involved in building websites using page builders and templates like Elementor and Beaver Builder.

That issue is resolved by integrating ZipWP into the WPAstra Starter Templates, which introduces the open-source WordPress ecosystem to the ease of closed-source web design.

With the use of artificial intelligence, ZipWP is a website builder that enables users to quickly and easily create WordPress websites without the need for coding or technical expertise.

The installation, design, and even content creation for a fully functional website, including image creation, are all taken care of by ZipWP’s standalone edition.

According to ZipWP, a whole website may be created by AI in sixty seconds.

Screenshot of ZipWP Website

It’s helpful for businesses who want to grow their web design services while maintaining complete control and taking advantage of the open source WordPress environment, thus the goal isn’t necessary to replace web designers.

This implies that websites built using the ZipWP feature can be customized using any plugin in the WordPress environment.

In order to utilize the ZipWP functionality, users must create an account with ZipWP.

ZipWP provides free and paid plans.

Users can create up to three webpages each month with the free edition. For $399 per year, you can create ten websites using the premium version in addition to receiving other benefits.

The WPAstra changelog announcement states:

In order for it to create material and pictures for patterns and pages based on the given business details, “it will require connecting the user to their ZipWP account and providing their business details.”

Read the WPAstra changelog:

Starter Templates 3.5.2 : All new AI based Template Kit library

Learn more about ZipWP AI Website Builder

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