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With AI Blogging, I’ve earned over $10,000.

This is how I do it

Using AI for the Heavy Lifting: The Setup

The truth is that AI isn’t a miraculous tool for generating income.

Not by itself, that is. You must prod it (or prod it ten times). I have a portfolio of websites, to start. Why? Since you can spread your eggs out across the internet, why put them all in one basket?

Since I’ve always liked to spread my risk, I diversified.

I became interested in a variety of things, including hobbies, technology, and travel. The complete A-Z, if you will. But I’m not likely to be an authority in each of these fields.

There’s AI.

It assisted me in filling up the knowledge gaps, but only after I gave it a good introduction.

Note: I do extensive research on every subject I write about, eventually developing into a sort of amateur expert (if such a thing exists). I never just rely on AI and I always double-check the facts.

The Holy Grail of Keywords: Google Auto-Complete Method

Keywords are the lifeblood of SEO. But where to find them?

Two words: AI Keyword Research. That sounds fancy so you could also just say “Google.” You’re probably wondering, “Seriously? That’s your grand revelation?

Stick with me. I use the Google auto-complete method.

I start typing a subject into Google’s search bar, and voila, Google suggests a list of queries that people actually search for. It’s like eavesdropping on the entire internet’s inner thoughts — kind of creepy but incredibly useful.

Once I get a juicy keyword, it’s go-time.

I integrate these keywords naturally into my blog posts. Trust me, it’s way easier than trying to personally decipher what the cool kids are talking about these days.

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