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Traffic Fines Hugely Increased by Highway Police; Details of Revised Fines Here

As part of its attempts to decrease infractions and improve traffic safety, the National Highways and Motorway Police (NHMP) is enforcing considerable hikes in traffic fines.

Beginning on October 1, 2023, these new traffic fines will be put into effect. In order to educate the public about these developments, the NHMP is actively running awareness campaigns through a variety of media outlets.

The updated penalties for various traffic infractions are listed below:

  1. Overspeeding: The fine for exceeding speed limits has been raised from Rs750 to Rs2,500.
  2. Improper Overtaking: Violators now face an increased fine of Rs1,500, up from Rs300.
  3. Driving at Night with Faulty Lights: This violation will result in a fine of Rs5,000, compared to the previous Rs500.
  4. Negligence and Carelessness: The fine for such violations has been raised to Rs1,500, up from Rs300.
  5. Driving Without a License: Individuals caught driving without a valid license will now be fined Rs5,000, a significant increase from the previous Rs750 fine.

Along with these changes to fines, the NHMP has also released new rules for traffic legislation, including sanctions for misuse of police lights and other infractions:

Unauthorized Use of Police Lights: A Rs. 5,000 fine will be assessed to anyone caught utilizing police lights without permission.
Use of HID Lights: A Rs. 1,000 fine will be assessed for improper use of HID lights.
Use of Fancy Number Plates: A Rs. 2,000 fine will be assessed for any inappropriate use of fancy number plates.
Senior NHMP officials recently met and decided on these adjustments.

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