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Together, Samsung Pakistan and Bank Alfalah will provide installment plans for mobile phones.

Samsung Pakistan and AlfaMall by Bank Alfalah have partnered in a historic effort to let users to purchase the newest smartphones through simple monthly installment plans with 0% markup. A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the two parties formalized their collaboration and represented a key step in improving customer access to cutting-edge mobile technologies.

Customers can take advantage of the ease of obtaining a genuine Samsung mobile phone online with an official warranty and the choice of flexible installment plans at 0% markup thanks to this partnership between Samsung and AlfaMall by Bank Alfalah. Along with bringing you the most recent Samsung technology, this alliance also makes purchasing easier, more convenient, and more inexpensive.

Samsung Pakistan has a long history of technological brilliance and is known for its ingenuity and dedication to offering high-quality electronic equipment. Samsung has established itself as a household name by producing a wide range of goods, from smartphones to home appliances, that provide customers with unrivaled value.

One of the biggest commercial banks in terms of finances is Bank Alfalah. The Bank has constantly worked to increase its customers’ access to and convenience with banking services thanks to a strong presence and a customer-centric philosophy.

Visit the AlfaMall website or app at https://alfamall.com to place your order for a Samsung phone.

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