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These Incredible AI Apps Will Improve Your Mac Experience

4 Mac Apps Powered by AI for Increased Productivity

In this post, we’ll examine some of the top Mac programs that have recently gotten substantial changes in the field of artificial intelligence. These apps provide a wide range of features, from easing daily tasks and boosting productivity to facilitating discussions with AI chatbots. Let’s start now!

1. Embra: Conversations with ChatGPT and Beyond

Users can have talks using ChatGPT on their Mac thanks to Embra. However, Embra has recently received a considerable overhaul, and the recent addition of plugins has substantially increased Embra’s capabilities. Now, users have the option of installing a number of plugins from the plugin store and selecting between the GPT-3.5 and the most recent GPT-4 models.

ChatGPT may provide responses based on search results with the use of plugins like the internet access plugin. This has proven to be very helpful because it updates ChatGPT’s expertise by providing current news and information.

Users can also find other plugins that attempt to improve the user experience, such as the PDF document assistance and the Unsplash picture search plugin. Embra is now free, however it’s important to check it out because this might change soon.

2. Raycast AI: Next-Level Efficiency

The capacity of Raycast AI to quickly start applications, make and find notes in Notion, translate words, handle clipboard history, and so much more has made it very popular among Mac users. Raycast AI has now integrated ChatGPT, much like Embra, giving users the ease of accessing it immediately within the program by simply using the tab key.

Even though Raycast AI and Embra are identical, Raycast AI offers a clear edge thanks to its selection of AI instructions or prompts.

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