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The Top 8 WordPress Writing Assistant Programs (Compared)

Are you trying to find the best WordPress writing assistant program?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is used by writing assistant software to assist users in streamlining their creative process. This can assist you in writing content for your WordPress blog that is more polished and businesslike.

We’ve carefully chosen some of the top writing assistant programs in this post so you can enhance the content on your WordPress website.

Why Use WordPress’s Writing Assistant Software?

By utilizing writing assistant software on your WordPress website, you can improve the clarity and conciseness of your writing by identifying and fixing spelling and grammar errors.

Over time, the software can help you become a better writer by offering feedback on the tone and style of your blog posts.

Moreover, you can use your writing assistant software to generate fresh concepts for copywriting, product descriptions, and articles.

For instance, you can use the writing assistant to create a basic draft, make your writing easier to read, optimize it for particular keywords, and more if you want to write a product description for gardening equipment that you are selling in your online store.

By helping you optimize your WordPress blog for search engine optimization, increase readability, and check your content for plagiarism, using this software can also help you increase the visibility of your website.

Having said that, let’s examine some of the top WordPress writing assistant programs.

1. All in One SEO for WordPress

The greatest WordPress SEO plugin that doubles as a writing aid is All in One SEO for WordPress.

A strong keyword research tool included with the plugin can assist you in selecting the appropriate keywords to include in your content.

AIOSEO helps writers write better by offering advice on how to use active voice, add transition words, better divide subheadings, and achieve a certain Flesch reading score.

With an integrated content analysis tool that evaluates your blog posts for readability, keyword density, and title tags, it is the best writing assistant available.

Additionally, the plugin includes a headline analyzer tool to assist you in creating SEO headlines that will increase website traffic.

To help rank your blog post higher, this tool examines the word balance, sentiment, power words, and emotional words used in the heading.


You can create AI titles and meta descriptions for your WordPress posts with this plugin.

You can improve the readability and SEO of your content with the aid of All-in-One SEO.
For better content, it has a schema markup feature.

It allows you to customize your Twitter and Facebook accounts with a picture, title, and description.

A Chrome extension that comes with All in One SEO allows you to assess the SEO of your content right away.


The only plan that offers its schema markup feature is the paid one.

Why All in One SEO is the best AI writing assistant available: All in One SEO lets you directly enhance the overall quality of your content within the block editor, making it the best option available. It aids in keyword targeting and enhances the SEO of your website.

In addition, it provides additional features like social media integration, HTML sitemaps, redirects, and a broken link checker. It is the ideal option if you want a writing assistant tool made especially for search engines because of these features.

2. Semrush SEO Writing Assistant

Semrush provides a full range of SEO tools to help you raise your position in search results. It includes a real-time SEO writing assistant to help you optimize your content and raise its overall SEO score.

You can determine which text needs to be rewritten, see how readable your content is, and get an idea of the perfect length for it all with Semrush’s writing assistant.

In addition, it finds and fixes broken links, adds alt attributes to images, suggests keywords, and even offers advice on how to stay away from keyword stuffing.


A plagiarism detector is included with the SEO writing helper.

With the help of a free plugin, you can quickly integrate Semrush’s writing assistant with WordPress. See our tutorial on using WordPress’ SEO writing assistant for comprehensive instructions.

The finest keyword research tool available is this one.

Semrush assists you with SEO headline optimization.

Competition analysis, site audits, domain analyses, social media management, topic research, traffic analytics, and much more are among Semrush’s other features.


For small businesses, Semrush’s paid plan may be prohibitively costly.
It can be a little challenging for novices to use and has a learning curve.

Why we advise using Semrush SEO Writing Assistant: If you’re searching for a strong writing assistant that puts an emphasis on SEO and helps raise the ranks of your website, we advise using this tool.

3. Rytr

Another AI writing assistant tool that makes it simple to produce excellent content for your WordPress website is called Rytr.

It includes more than forty templates that can be used to create content for social media posts, blog entries, and product descriptions, among other things.

Using an API, this program can be quickly integrated with well-known website builders like WordPress.

With its robust text editor, which automatically corrects, rephrases, and enhances your sentences, it even optimizes your content for search engines.


There is an integrated grammar and plagiarism checker.
Rytr provides tools for SERP analysis and keyword research to help with content optimization.
It can be integrated with platforms such as Semrush and comes with a Chrome extension.
To generate content ideas and get feedback, users can engage with Rytr’s chat mode more naturally.


If you want to create long-form content, Rytr is not the best option because it tends to produce repetitive sentences for longer blog posts.
Its user interface could be improved; it’s a little awkward.

Why Rytr is a great option: In general, Rytr offers every feature you’ll need to increase productivity. With the tool, creating content for your WordPress blog that is clear, natural-sounding, and optimized for search engines is a breeze.

Additionally, it provides a free plan that allows you to create 10,000 characters each month, and even the premium plan is reasonably priced.

4. Writesonic

Writesonic is an AI-driven writing assistant tool that marketers, eCommerce sites, writers, and business owners can use.

You can use the more than 100 templates included with this copywriting tool to write content for blog posts, advertisements, social media posts, articles, and product descriptions.

You can use Writesonic to build AI chatbots that can communicate with your customers if you own a WooCommerce store.


About 25 languages are supported by Writesonic for content creation.
There is an integrated grammar and plagiarism checker.
There is a voice-your-text command feature in Writesonic.
To improve the quality of your content, you can use the expander and shortener features of the software to add more details or shorten it.
Popular platforms like Zapier, Surfer SEO, and Semrush can be integrated with it.


Using the tool can make it challenging to keep your content’s tone and style consistent.
It does not provide users with a free plan.
It restricts the amount of users that can be added to your Writesonic account.

Why we suggest using Writesonic: Because it makes it simple to create AI chat interfaces, images, and content, Writesonic is an excellent option for bloggers looking to produce more content or for owners of WooCommerce stores.

5. Jasper

Another well-liked program for AI text generation is called Jasper (formerly Jarvis).

It includes a library of more than fifty templates that can be used to make artwork, landing page text, emails, social media content, articles, and video scripts.

Even conferences, training sessions, and courses are offered by the tool to assist new users in becoming proficient with the AI-based writing assistant.


A built-in content editor is included.
Jasper has many features, such as style recommendations, grammar and spell checks, and more.
It includes a content rewriter that enhances your content’s readability, clarity, and search engine optimization.
Jasper can be integrated with Grammarly and Surfer SEO and offers a Chrome extension.


Jasper only provides a seven-day free trial; it does not offer a free plan.
It finds it difficult to produce long-form content.
Considering that Jasper’s monthly pricing plan starts at $49, it is somewhat pricey in comparison to the other tools on this list.

Why we advise using Jasper: Jasper can assist in producing efficient marketing content, such as landing page, email, and ad copy, making it a great option for companies and marketers. By guaranteeing that the appropriate messages are conveyed to the appropriate audience, it can also enhance marketing campaigns.

6. Frase

Frase is an excellent artificial intelligence writing tool that can enhance your content production workflow.

By examining the top search results for your target keywords, it enables you to conduct research on them. It can even generate content briefs for the top results pertaining to a particular keyword and offer some content inspiration.


It offers a content analysis tool with recommendations and comments for bettering the content.
You can write content with its long-form editor.
Frase uses natural language processing (NLP) to optimize your content for search engines.
It uses an integration with Google Search Console to track the performance of your content.


There is no live chat support available for this tool.
Installing the Frase SEO addon is a prerequisite for using the Frase AI writer.
There’s no free trial available.

Frase helps you rank well and even displays content decay warnings thanks to its integration with Google Search Console.

7. Copy.ai

Another well-liked writing aid is Copy.ai, which can assist you in producing content for social media, emails, blog posts, sales copy, and more.

With more than 90 copywriting tools included, it can produce content in more than 25 languages and raise the caliber of your work. Additionally, it can rewrite your current content to enhance its readability, SEO, and clarity.


Its user interface is simple to use.
Grammar checkers and tools for paraphrasing are among the built-in features of Copy.ai.
It provides a slogan generator, content idea generator, and meta description generator.


Copy.ai requires extensive fact-checking and occasionally generates inaccurate information.
Writing a long-form copy is challenging.
Compared to other tools on this list, Copy.ai takes a little longer to generate content.

Why we suggest using Copy.ai: Copy.ai’s paid plan, which offers five user seats for a single account, unlimited words, and unlimited projects, makes it a good option for salespeople and larger teams.

8. Grammarly

The greatest writing assistance program for language correction is Grammarly. You can use this tool to find and fix spelling, grammar, and tone mistakes. You can edit your content directly from the WordPress content editor by using its Chrome extension.

In addition, the tool provides advice on how to make your writing more clear, like breaking up lengthy sentences and using simpler language.


It has functions like sentence rephrasing, vocabulary suggestions, plagiarism detection, and more.
In addition to integrating with Gmail, Google Docs, WordPress, and Microsoft Word, Grammarly also has a Chrome extension.


Grammarly’s free edition offers a very small feature set.
Occasionally, it may miss errors or make incorrect edits to your content.

Why we advise making use of Grammarly For content creators, Grammarly is a great option because it makes writing interesting blog posts easier. You should also give Grammarly a try if English is not your first language because it aids learners in developing their writing and grammar abilities.

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