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The Top 4 ChatGPT Substitute Tools to Outperform OpenAI

Recently, OpenAI added several new capabilities to ChatGPT, including GPTs, which let users create unique GPT helpers through dialogue. GPT-4 Turbo has released six API enhancements: an updated knowledge base, an improved context window, improved model control, multimodal capabilities, open GPT-4 fine-tuning, and a higher call rate limit.

Despite ChatGPT’s quick and ongoing improvements, there are still issues with it, especially when it comes to properly handling modest, professional, and useful problems—areas that are essential for meeting user needs. Despite ChatGPT’s abundance of functionality, it becomes clear that it lacks focus. For example, it might perform exceptionally well in text conversations but has trouble interpreting user-uploaded files.

We present four ChatGPT substitute products that outperform ChatGPT in addressing particular user issues in order to close these gaps.

1. ChatDOC


It’s the greatest PDF conversation AI tool available right now, as many of you may have heard. You can quickly obtain an intelligent abstract by uploading a file or asking a query to receive an AI-generated answer with references.

While there are a number of PDF AI chat tools available, ChatDOC stands out due to its advantages in high-precision file parsing, wide format compatibility, and reliable answers (with mentioned sources).

We’d like to draw attention to the following ChatDOC features in addition to the standard AI talking features:

Formula recognition: ChatDOC is now capable of recognizing formulas in addition to its well-known ability to recognize tables and texts. Ask ChatDOC to explain the formula (with tables or texts) that you have selected. ChatDOC can assist you in solving any formula, regardless of how complex it is.

Researchers can greatly increase their productivity by chatting with articles on arxiv.com. Many papers available to read on arxiv.com? Simply insert “chat” before the website’s address, and ChatDOC will be available right away. There’s no need to download anything; just talk to the papers to increase your reading comprehension.

Supported GPT-4: ChatDOC improves once more in terms of the precision and depth of the responses. To get more inflexible responses, users can activate the GPT4 button located at the bottom of the chat window.

High-precision parsing of PDF and OCR: ChatDOC performs better at recognizing scanned files, handling complex typesetting files, and understanding tables than ChatGPT. ChatDOC can accurately recognize formulas, tables, paragraphs, and a variety of complicated PDF files, as well as scans, thanks to its in-house PDF parsing capability and OCR technology.

In the meanwhile, ChatDOC offers an API service that lets users personalize their own chatbots and easily incorporate ChatDOC’s robust features into their websites, apps, and businesses.

ChatDOC offers a free trial as well as a pro plan. More value-added services, like increased file upload and question quotas, greater support for more formats (word, pdf, epub, txt, html, scans), and more sophisticated capabilities are available to pro customers.

2. Character AI

Character AI is an artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot that learns about individual user preferences through chats, thereby forming a distinct personality over time. Character AI reimagines AI image-generation by enabling direct interaction in addition to allowing users to build characters based on real-life and fictional characteristics.

Characters with distinctive qualities can be created by users, who can then share them with the community and even hire virtual assistants. Additionally, the platform provides engaging minigames and configurable text adventures, fostering creativity and entertainment in the use of AI.

Among the primary characteristics of character AI are:

Conversational AI: It can hold meaningful long-form conversations, respond to queries, and converse naturally with users on a range of subjects.
Personality Development: It learns from discussions and adapts its responses to create a unique personality that works for each user.
Customization: The name, gender, diction, language, voice, and other characteristics of the chatbot can all be changed by users.
Cross-Platform: It may be accessed through Facebook Messenger, mobile devices, and the web.
Text-based adventures and minigames.

3. Jasper

An AI tool called Jasper assists companies in increasing the volume of marketing content they produce, including blog posts, social media updates, sales emails, website copy, and more.

This strong AI copilot was created with marketing performance in mind. Users only need to securely submit information about their company, and Jasper will quickly produce campaign assets and optimize content to appear on page 1 of search results while adhering to your brand voice and style guide.

Here are a few of Jasper’s standout qualities:

Expand material that is consistently on-brand: After giving the AI your content or style guide, every member of your team will produce content in the appropriate tone of voice.

Rapidly produced, high-performing copy using AI: In 15 seconds or less, Jasper will create on-brand material if you upload your campaign brief and choose assets like emails, blogs, press releases, and advertisements.

Whenever you work, carry your AI copilot with you: To use AI inside all of your favorite apps, including Gmail, WordPress, LinkedIn, and more, use Jasper’s Chrome or Edge browser extension.

In addition, Jasper offers an API service that lets you use the appropriate LLM model (e.g., GPT4, Bard, Claude 2, Stability, Huggingface, etc.) to automate processes.

4. Copy AI

With the aid of AI, content AI is a copywriting helper that helps companies create marketing content that converts well. Users can ask copy AI to create marketing materials such as lengthy articles, social media postings, product descriptions, content briefs, ad copy, or sales copy.

For teams that are thirsty for results at scale, Copy AI also offers a brand-new solution called workflows, which includes SEO, sales, social media, and e-commerce workflows. Users only need to write in the desired workflow, check the outcomes, and execute it in bulk.

Here are a few of Copy AI’s salient features:

Provides attention-grabbing headlines, intriguing subject lines, and other copy ideas for emails, blogs, advertisements, and other media quickly.

Content that may be customized to meet specific needs such as target demographic, brand tone, campaign objectives, etc.

Idea Starters: Provides topic frameworks and writing prompts to help generate ideas for drafts.

Integrations: To meet a variety of copy demands, it easily integrates with well-known programs like Salesforce, Slack, and Chrome Extension.

Analytics: Monitors copy performance and engagement data to maximize conversion rates.

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