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The Top 3 AI Website Builders for Your Business: Quick, Intuitive, and Customizable Solutions

Having a website for your organization is crucial in the current digital era. However, creating a website from scratch can take a lot of time and requires expertise. As a remedy, AI website builders are on the rise, bringing the simplicity and practicality of artificial intelligence to the web building process. We’ll examine three of the best AI website builders in this article.


Let’s start with Mixo, a brand-new AI website builder that intends to assist customers in quickly iterating on products or fresh business concepts. By giving a prompt, Mixo enables you to quickly establish a website.

Making changes to your Mixo website is also simple. Use Mixo’s simple editing tools to modify the site’s logo, colors, and descriptions. Mixo might be a great choice if you need a quick and simple landing page for your new company venture, even though the designs are pretty basic in comparison to those offered by other website builders.


Another AI website builder, called Durable, claims to be the “world’s fastest website builder.” With Durable, you can provide a few information about your company to instantly construct a website. During our demonstration, we typed the command “build a real estate website for Oliver’s houses,” and Durable produced a site with several sections, pictures of the properties, and even customer reviews.

Even while the templates from Durable are a little more well-rounded than those from Mixo, personalizing your website is still very simple. Additionally, Durable provides a selection of editing options, such as extensive font control, integrating YouTube videos, and configurable color palettes. Durable has monthly fees that start at $12 for a simple website and $20 for a business website.


Last but not least, 10Web is an AI website builder that offers consumers the broadest selection of personalization choices. By entering prompts such the company name and type of business, 10Web creates website layouts and designs using the most recent GPT-3 technology.

Although 10Web’s themes are attractively made, this platform’s true strength lies in its customization options. You may easily change fonts, colors, and layouts using 10Web. Additionally, you can include interactive components on your website, such sliders and feedback forms.

The monthly price for 10Web is $20, or $10 for an annual subscription. Although it may cost a little more than the other platforms, businesses searching for a distinctive website design may find the customisation choices to be worth it.

Finally, AI website builders are drastically changing the online design industry. AI website builders like Mixo, Durable, and 10Web offer quick, simple, and adaptable solutions whether you’re a brand-new startup or an existing company.

While each platform has its advantages and disadvantages, they all provide great advantages for companies trying to build an online presence. Despite the fact that Squarespace and Wix are well-known brands, these new AI website builders are swiftly rising to the top of the list of AI tools for web designers.

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