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The Top 12 Blogs for Digital Marketing in 2024 to Follow

1. Ahrefs

The well-known SEO platform Ahrefs is ranked first on our list. Its blog makes it simple to find tutorials on a variety of topics, including link building, keyword research, SEO fundamentals, and tools. You can also read case studies or opinion pieces written by professionals in the field of marketing.

Learn more about keyword research, link-building strategies, and just about every other facet of SEO by using their blog.

2. Moz

One more blog about SEO. Many people believe that visiting Moz is essential if you want to advance your knowledge of SEO and marketing. Moz regularly publishes articles that advance your knowledge of digital marketing. It has also produced a number of SEO tools, some of which are free.

One of the most popular websites in the world for SEO professionals was, is, and will remain SEOMoz.

3. HubSpot

Dharmesh Shah and Brian Halligan founded it initially. HubSpot is an excellent information resource for people working in customer service, sales, and marketing. Its digital library also includes a variety of eBooks and guides.

With updates on the most recent happenings in the digital world, their content is constantly current. HubSpot is the place to go if you’re planning to develop your inbound strategies.

4. GrowthRocks

In 2014, the growth hacking firm GrowthRocks was established. They have facilitated the quick expansion of start-up businesses with their growth marketing. Furthermore, because of them, well-known businesses continue to rule the marketing scene. Because of this, growth hackers from all over the world visit their blog. I vouch for my objectivity.

Articles about growth and digital marketing, including growth hacking courses and examples, can be found on GrowthRocks’ blog.

5. SocialPilot

You have all you need on SocialPilot’s blog to achieve your objectives in social media marketing. Its content is devoted to strategies, hacks, and other things related to social media marketing.

For small businesses and marketing agencies looking to improve their social media marketing strategies, the blog is a popular destination.

6. Convince & Convert

The C&C blog discusses everything from customer experience to content marketing. It’s the ideal place to get information about inbound marketing and content. They write straightforward but sophisticated articles. Additionally, they are cutting right to the chase.

More and more people are visiting their blog because of their unconventional thinking. The three primary areas of Convince & Convert are Customer Experience, Social Media, and Content Marketing.

7. Neil Patel Digital

The blog was started by Crazy Egg’s co-founder, as its name would imply. One of the most well-known blogs for digital marketing is Neil Patel Digital (formerly known as Kissmetrics).

Neil’s blog is an informational treasure trove. It’s the ideal location to locate guides on content marketing, email marketing, and SEO. primarily SEO, though.

8. Search Engine Journal

Don’t be fooled by the name. There’s more to Search Engine Journal than just SEO blogging. As a result, in-depth articles on social media, content marketing, and paid search are available. The most recent changes to search engine algorithms and SEO knowledge are also available.

It receives 900K visits a month on average. Additionally, they have a sizable library of expert interviews and guides on marketing. Should your goal be to “work smarter, not harder,” then SEJ’s blog is something you should read.

9. Orbit Media

A studio for web design and development is called Orbit Media Studios. The excellent staff and list of guest bloggers on Orbit’s blog can offer you advice on a wide range of subjects. Numerous web design tips are available.

Additionally, you can receive assistance with marketing your website and optimizing it for conversions.

10. Content Marketing Institute

One of the few blogs dedicated to digital marketing that clearly focuses on content marketing. Through its articles, CMI has demonstrated mastery in the teaching of content strategies. More than any other blog, they have written about the topic.

They even began experimenting with other kinds of content, such as blogging best practices and narrative techniques. Furthermore, CMI has been publishing articles with speakers from their live events. Among the speakers you’ll find are Tina Fey, Mark Hamill, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

11. Buffer

There is a ton of content on social media marketing on the Buffer blog. It provides a wealth of information about social media, content marketing, and online marketing. In the end, the Buffer tool is a social media tool.

The blog at Buffer assists entrepreneurs and marketers in creating powerful brands and expanding their companies on social media. It’s among the best blogs available for social media marketing.

12. Backlinko

Up until recently, Backlinko was represented by the globally renowned SEO specialist Brian Dean. But last year, one of the blogs on this list, Backlinko, was purchased by Semrush, a well-known SEO platform.

Backlinko specializes in teaching marketers how to use smart SEO techniques to expand their businesses quickly. It is always updated with new SEO strategies that teach you everything there is to know about the subject.

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