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The Top 10 Platforms & Tools for Marketing Automation in 2023

1. Hubspot

A well-liked inbound marketing tool for turning outbound leads into inbound ones is Hubspot.

In a nutshell, Hubspot is the best content marketing tool available.

With its robust features, easy-to-use interface, and seamless integration, HubSpot Marketing Automation sets itself apart from the competition and gives businesses all-in-one marketing solutions for unmatched efficiency and growth.

For all the free tools added, including task queues, email support, conversation routing, and simple automation, their starter package costs $45 per month. Additionally, everything from the starter pack is included in their $450/month professional plan, which also includes marketing automation, personalized workflows, and goal-based nurturing.

A/B testing for Call To Actions (CTAs) and emails, user roles, Salesforce integration, smart content, and attribution reporting are also included. Revenue reporting, custom-event reportings, custom-event automation triggers, predictive-lead scoring, contacts and company reporting, and event-based segmentation are all included in the Enterprise pricing.

2. Sendinblue 

With Sendinblue’s assistance, you can close the gaps allowing sales opportunities to elude you.

“It’s easy to set up and has powerful automation capabilities” is the best feature.

It is possible to create custom automation workflows and choose from eight practical eCommerce prebuilt options. Additionally, you can set up automation to generate sales from circumstances you might not have been able to take advantage of in the past in a matter of minutes.

All of Sendinblue’s plans, including their free forever package, come with automation. However, the tier they are on will only allow you to target 2,000 contacts. Try Sendinblue’s free plan now to see how simple it is to use automation to take advantage of e-commerce opportunities.

Sendinblue has a free plan that includes their free forever package, but you can only target up to 2,000 contacts in the tiers below Premium. Sendinblue-like tools can be found in this growth marketing playbook.

3. Acoustic

“Acoustic” is a stand-alone marketing cloud platform, as is well known. It provides the most advanced open marketing ecosystem in the business, with products that are designed with marketers in mind and are powered by AI. Lead scoring, segmentation, landing pages, progressive profiling, CRM integrations, web tracking, and other features are examples of custom features.

Additionally, Acoustic enables customers to take advantage of an ecosystem of available technology that connects their data easily and provides a thorough understanding of their clientele. Beyond the norm, Acoustic AI-powered products are made to thrive in competition and safeguard consumers’ desired privacy while removing obstacles and providing a more engaging experience for consumers.

Marketers looking to increase customer engagement can do so by purchasing its essential package, which offers everything for just $0.0. Marketers looking to scale rapidly and optimize Return On Investment (ROI) should consider the premium package.

4. Marketo

You can increase sales with lead management, content management, mobile marketing, and other features of this marketing automation software.

Marketo is a cloud-based solution that helps businesses, no matter what size, not only establish but also prosper from their relationships with customers. Additionally, the tool offers a free trial so you can decide if it’s the right choice before committing. There are also no setup fees. Even though Marketo doesn’t create the wheel, it is a feature-rich platform that expands to fit your business.

“Lead Management,” their debut product, was introduced in 2006. The business quickly expanded and is currently providing a large range of features.

5. Pardot By Salesforce 

Salesforce’s “Pardot” is a marketing automation suite that is perfect for increasing sales. Furthermore, it enhances your involvement through email marketing, lead scoring, lead nurturing, CRM integration, and ROI reporting.

Put simply, Pardot is an excellent option for assisting the sales team in reducing the length of the sales cycle. With features like email marketing, lead nurturing, comprehensive prospect tracking, and lead scoring and grading, their Growth pricing plan costs $1,250 per month.

Moreover, forms, landing pages, standard CRM integration, and ROI reporting are included. All of the standard features, advanced email analytics, email rendering preview, and spam analysis are all included in their $2,500 monthly Plus plan. Additionally, you receive social media profiles, an integrated marketing calendar, API access, and multiple scoring categories.

Taking into account the $4,000 monthly pro feature, the Advanced pricing package, customer-user roles, custom-object integration, and API access for up to 100,000 calls per day. It also comes with phone support and a dedicated IP address.

6. Constant Contact 

With its strong automation potential to support you in taking significant marketing steps forward, Constant Contact is an incredibly helpful email marketing automation tool.

The autoresponder feature is simply incredible. With exact customization, welcome sequences, drip campaigns, and other automated email campaigns can be made. Additionally, it makes it simple to incorporate unique forms into your landing pages.

Make it as detailed and exact as you like. For each type, define long-tail, automated campaigns, then sit back and let Constant Contact handle the heavy lifting. All you need to do is monitor reports and make sure your finger is on the right pulse.

To take advantage of Constant Contact’s email automation features, you must subscribe to the Plus plan. For every 500 contacts in your list, the plan begins at $45 and increases by $25 to $30 for every 2,500 more contacts you need to accommodate.

7. ActiveCampaign

For small businesses, ActiveCampaign provides robust email marketing, CRM, and marketing automation. Specifically, the effective and adaptable integration of marketing automation is the fundamental strength of ActiveCampaign. This is among the most options that are readily available on the market.

It’s frequently inappropriate for novices or people lacking technical expertise. In terms of time and effort, even learning graphs is a little complicated. The site, goal, and event tracking; strong attribution tools for tracking conversions; expert test split testing; and a drag-and-drop automation map are some of its primary features.

8. Drip

Actually, Drip is an eCommerce website marketing automation tool. You can use it to automate tailored marketing campaigns for each stage of the client journey.

More specifically, Drip is an online store and business customer relationship management tool. It gathers client information and enables you to design an automated marketing plan that yields results. Additionally, you can effortlessly monitor each action that a subscriber takes on your website and tailor your email marketing based on those actions.

Not to mention, Drip integrates with additional eCommerce marketing tools to provide you even more consumer data.

9. Snov.io

Businesses and sales teams looking to optimize their lead generation and cold outreach efforts will find Snov.io to be an invaluable resource. Small businesses and solopreneurs can find all the tools they need to find, validate, and engage with potential leads in one convenient package. Its extensive feature set includes a free CRM, email warmers, email verifiers, email finders, and much more.

One of Snov.io’s most notable features is its state-of-the-art email automation tool, Email Drip Campaigns. With the help of this feature, users can craft highly customized email campaigns that encourage deep interaction with their intended audience. The platform also provides a comprehensive reporting and analytics suite that offers insightful data to monitor campaign performance and maximize the impact of outreach initiatives.

Pricing-wise, Snov.io offers both forever-free and premium plans to meet a variety of needs. The premium plans are accessible to businesses of different sizes, starting at a competitive $39 per month. With Snov.io at your disposal, cold outreach and lead generation become streamlined, effective processes that propel your company’s growth.

10. Ontraport

Being a specialized business automation software designed especially for entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and small businesses, Ontraport stands out from other marketing automation tools.

In addition to offering strong CRM and marketing automation features, Ontraport goes above and beyond by offering a full suite of tools for managing and expanding a small business. With features like email marketing, landing pages, sophisticated reporting, and e-commerce capabilities, Ontraport makes sure that every facet of your company is supported and easily integrated.

Ontraport’s emphasis on reporting and insights is among its most notable features. Ontraport gives you a clear, comprehensive picture of the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns, unlike some other tools that leave you in the dark about campaign performance, enabling you to make informed decisions.

Even though Ontraport doesn’t have a free plan, its 14-day free trial, which is available for each of its four paid plans, offers user protection. For as little as $29 a month, the entry-level plan provides limitless email sending along with user-friendly drag-and-drop marketing automation, making it affordable without sacrificing necessary features.

With Ontraport at your disposal, small business owners and aspirational individuals can experience an efficient, data-driven, and growth-oriented entrepreneurial journey that is well-suited for their needs.

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