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The Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Cheatsheets Available Online

  1. Making Money With ChatGPT

Credits: Mindstream newsletter

2. Generative AI Landscape

Credits: Rapidops

3. ChatGPT Mastery Cheatsheet

Credits: Superhuman newsletter

4. Midjourney Cheatsheet

Credits: AI Fire newsletter

5. ChatGPT cheatsheets for marketers

Credits: Max Rascher

6. ChatGPT Code Interpreter Cheatsheet

Credits: Aakash Gupta

7. ChatGPT plugins for data science

Credits: KDnuggets

8. Generative AI tools for startups

Credits: AI Fire

9. Generative AI cheatsheet

Credits: The AI Analyst newsletter

10. ChatGPT Cheatsheet for Higher Education

Credits: Element451

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