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The Local ChatGPT for your docs is GPT4All. Also, it’s free!

How to set up GPT4All on your laptop and query AI about your papers, which are your own domain knowledge. Additionally, it is CPU-only.

We were still using Google Colab when I wrote my previous essay about utilizing open source LLM to respond to inquiries about your own documents.

But what if you could accomplish the same task on your home computer (or any other servers or devices you may have)?

We will learn how to deploy and use the GPT4All model on CPU-only computers in this article (I’m using a Macbook Pro without a GPU).

In this tutorial, we’ll learn how to install GPT4All on our local machine, a potent LLM, and use Python to interact with our documents. The knowledge base for our questions and answers will be a collection of PDFs or internet publications.

Describe GPT4All
GPT4All is referred to as a free-to-use, locally-running, privacy-aware chatbot on the official website. No internet or GPU are needed.

The GTP4All ecosystem allows for the local execution of huge language models on consumer-grade CPUs while they are being trained and deployed.

You can download and insert our GPT4All model into the GPT4All open-source ecosystem software as a 4GB file. Nomic AI drives the endeavor to make it possible for people and organizations to easily train and deploy their own large language models locally by facilitating high quality and secure software ecosystems.

How it will work?

The process is really simple (when you know it) and can be repeated with other models too. The steps are as follows:

  • load the GPT4All model
  • use Langchain to retrieve‚Ķ

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