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The Finest AI Resources for Scholars & Students

With AI’s recent introduction, it has been a contentious topic in academia. Even though the subject of artificial intelligence has some subtleties that require attention, AI is fundamentally changing how academics, researchers, and teachers work, and this revolutionary development can be leveraged for good.

Copilot is one term that has emerged since AI became widely used. A copilot, by definition, assists the principal pilot or captain throughout a flight in controlling the aircraft and keeping track of the route. According to recent studies, because AI has an interactive and conversational learning structure, students who are given the direction and resources to use it are acquiring and remembering knowledge better.

AI research tools provide previously unheard-of capacities for data analysis, literature reviews, and research discoveries in the field of academic study. It is a labor-intensive and time-consuming endeavor for researchers to process and extract relevant information from massive amounts of data, an issue they face frequently. This procedure can be made more efficient by using AI research tools, which automate data collecting, processing, and visualization.

When applied appropriately, artificial intelligence can be a useful tool in academic pursuits. Thus, we’ve put up a list of the top AI tools to aid academics and students in their study and learning.


🤖 The Tools



to see how research has been cited.

scite is an award-winning software that uses Smart Citations to find and assess scientific articles. With Smart Citations, readers can view how a publication has been cited along with its context and a classification that indicates if the citation offers evidence in favor of or against the cited assertion.


is the AI Research Assistant.

Elicit helps you automate research workflows, such as sections of the literature review, by using language models. Elicit can get important information from the papers, summarize the paper’s major points in relation to your query, and locate pertinent papers even if the keyword match isn’t perfect.


unlocks the power of knowledge with information discovery and sharing.

Your AI research assistant is called Perplexity. It can learn your hobbies and preferences over time thanks to its conversational interface, contextual awareness, and customisation. You can use conversational, ordinary language to pose Perplexity questions. It will try to figure out what you mean and respond in a way that makes sense to you.

Research Rabbit

is research reimagined.

It is possible to add papers to collections, just like with Spotify. ResearchRabbit gets to know your preferences and refines its suggestions accordingly.


uses AI to find insights in research papers.

Consensus was created specifically to support efficient research methods. Constructed by professionals in science, technology, and machine learning from some of the most inventive institutions around.


to supercharge your next research paper.

Use JenniAI’s features to improve your research and writing skills while you prepare your next paper. Never write by yourself; seek advice when you are stuck or turn your notes into complete paragraphs.


to chat with any PDF.

With the use of ChatPDF, an artificial intelligence technology, users may engage with their PDF files as though a person were processing the data within them.

The potential for AI research tools in academia is enormous as the field develops. Academic institutions may harness the potential of AI research instruments to propel innovation, enhance learning outcomes, and broaden our comprehension of the world by cultivating an atmosphere that promotes responsible AI usage.


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